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  1. Buca often has rice crispies with a little bit of milk but not too often, and not too much milk. He also enjoys cheese as a treat.
  2. Alex, what a great little bird he was. Very sad that he has gone, Rest in peace Alex. :cry:
  3. Buca isnt DNA tested dont know what sex, just always called him a him, not really bothered i dont think, i think he is a he cause he likes me more than my husband, maybe because i am more confident, i dunno??
  4. Sorry lisa, was so taken back by your lovely piccies including lulu, neglected to notice that mojo was a cag, but on looking back i can see it now, feel very stupid :oops:
  5. Hadnt thought of that, make sure only family members have them so you can still see all the babies whenever you like
  6. If they are practicing, they will be sucessful one day, the thing that would be a problem for me is I would want to keep the babies, wouldnt be able to let them go
  7. Your Macaw is sooo beautiful, i love them. I noticed from your piccies that you have a harness on your timneh, i have just bought an aviatar harness for Buca but havent tried it yet, how easy was it for your timneh to accept wearing it? Buca is three and as far as I know never worn one, he doesnt mind me holding up his wings and he likes going outside. I bet it can get noisy in your house, it gets noisy in mine and i only have one, i also have very understanding neighbours, Buca likes screaching to get attention!!
  8. I knew they where getting sexy the other week, ahh bless how exciting your babies having babies of their own you are going to be a nanny!!!
  9. My african grey is a timneh, dont how you lot cope with more than one bird?? One is definately enough for me
  10. I ticked 4-7 but at the weekend it can be a bit less although Buca is very happy about going in his outside cage and he loves being out there, he will chat away for hours. During day when kids are at school as long as he doesnt scream in my husbands ear (which he did do the other day)he can stay out for as long as the kids are out, put him back when kids get home because for some strange reason kids arent able to shut doors behind them, regardless of how many times you tell them??
  11. I originally found parrot link on a bt yahoo search engine when I was a relatively new parrot mummy and i was worried about Buca's behaviour and needed some advice that i wasnt able to get from a book, you cant ask a book questions?? But on here there are people that have such great knowledge on all types of birds that you can always get some advice or some reassurance that you are doing the best for your birdy chap. It is nice to be able to talk to people who also love their birds as much as you do, some people look at me like I am wierd when i talk about Buca being my my baby pleased i joined
  12. Bucas cage has a bunny on the lock, but the cage is over 3 years old and it is the one Buca has been in from the start? What can I do about the lock am I able to go back to the pet shop where it was bought from and ask for a replacement lock? I dont mind paying for a new one dont want to put my dear little friend at risk??
  13. bikerbabe

    endangered birds

    I agree with you MMM, if you get one by accident then that is fate (dunno about spelling) but if you are prepared to pay lots to get one taken from wild for your pleasure then that is a big fat NO
  14. bikerbabe

    endangered birds

    That is really hard, preferred the farting poll, didnt have to think too hard for that, there are lots of for and against, yes if it is the only way to keep the species alive but no if it is going to endanger it more?? I am now deep in thought (funny burning smell incase anyone wondered)
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