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  1. To be honest David imp be more worried about sharon then the iguana, as he gets temperamental with females during the monthly cycles as well as its breeding season as well and they can smell the difference between males and females I guess. Boris is fine although when picked up he gets a bit wobbly as my arms on half of his body width and prefers not to be picked up, although I do and his coming around to it. He hasten tailed whipped or bitten me as yet as he just puffs up to show dominance or to show his annoyed, yet I don’t care I still stroke his head as I know his just trying to dominate me, unfortunatly I call his bluff as he knows where his position is lol If you stroke him the way the scales are pointing then its sort of like a parrots feet as vikky said, yet if you do it the other way its prickly. The spines on his tail are sharp I admit as managed to gut my finger yesterday when stroking his tail, or it just could be imp thin skinned.
  2. Yep his stunning although he would become more green after the breeding season is over.
  3. Breeding season is here, as they turn orangey in colour, best to keep female's out of reach as they get tempremental with them.
  4. I havent had expirence with an iggy this size before as the biggest iggy that i have at the mo is a near to 4foot most probably 3.5foot. More like 3 quaters of their length is taken up with their long tails. I can say i have expirence in iggies as ive got a fiji and a rhino iguanas which come under the cities act so wouldnt get somthing like that if i was in-experienced. Boris is a big boy, dosent like to be picked up although i've tryed to and he does weigh a ton maybe 6-7kg or more :roll: Though he will happly sit and let you stroke him for hours in his enclosure or when his out for his walk in the room.
  5. If only i was david, would be straight down a few pet shops.
  6. Been ages since i last posted, been buzy with work as im a newly fledged armed response officer Anyway, just rescued a igguana from one of the premesis we raided last week, rather then see the iggy takenaway decided to take him home with me. So here i am with boris a 5foot 4inches long male, unknown age as the rep vet suggests he is over 7years old but is not specific. So here i am, asking for help aging this lovly chap, below is a pic of him bathing and getting grumpy with the camera.
  7. Does anybody know of any supplier/company that sells pre-cut glass panels to order as i need a few panels for my viverium.
  8. Last year saw a programme cant remember what it was called or where i saw it nut couldnt believe what i saw :shock: In some asia country, china or somewhere cant remember, they where sold sheep as poodles and people did actualy buy them for around $550 :? Frankly how could you not recognise a sheep even if it had the trim to make it look like a poodle, but apparently they never new what a sheep looked like so didnt know what they where buying believeing its a gog. Funny, when an owner went to the vets with his 'poodle' asking why it hasent barked since he got him, where he was told it dosent bark as it baaaas as its a sheep.
  9. Nope, its true, i've emailed the person asking for more info about the 'african grey' though i asked if it can talk hmmmm
  10. wounder if i can sell of a rosela as a scarlet macaw lol
  11. Just come across this advert, thought you lot might want to see this: http://www.gumtree.com/london/11/19172711.html Simmiller to the ringneck that was on for sale as an african grey, yet this 1 is a right kick up the back side. Selling a loveibrds as a african grey :shock:
  12. Spoke to my friend today, has told me that neither the male or female have entered the nest box so she has discarded the eggs. As most people have said, if they do want to breed they will weather their is a nest box or not, so she has left the next box where it is on the out side of the cage.
  13. The hen cockatiel has not entered the nest box at all last night, so i presume the eggs would not hatch at all now. Would it make a difference where the nest box is located? as When they where in the pet shop the nest box was inside the cage attached to the iner side wall of the cage. My firend has attached it onto the outer wall out side the cage as so it does not take up room and is easy to inspect it.
  14. Hi, i just got an email from a friend asking for help which i do not have an answer to as i have not delt with this kind of issue before, so here i am asking fellow parroty folks for help and guidence. What it is, my friend she bought a pair of cockatiels and thier 5 eggs from a pet shop which had 7 cockatiels in the cage including the nest box init which didnt leave much room to fly, as 4 of the cockatiels where originally from the same pair as they are 3months old, plus 1 extra adult. Neways, she paid whatever much the pet shop asked so she could get the pair away also that it will give the others more room as the nest box wouldnt be in the cage anymore. The problem is, as soon as she got the pair home and the eggs which where inside the nest box when she brought them home, as the pair where in a carrier. She has put them in a cage with the nest box attach, but the female cockatiel has not gone and sat down on the eggs as its been over 4 hours now. So, she wanted to know what to do as should she leave the eggs in the nest box and hope for the best as they where eight days old as the pet shop said. Or should she pin them and remove the nest box so they do not breed again? If anybody know what to do, any info would be highly appreciated, thanks.
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