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  1. Lots of wonderful advice, as always jebirds. I think I read into what Neil Forbes had written that a bird suffering severe malabsorbtion problems, and losing weight because of it, needs a high energy food to make up for such poor absorbtion from all the food eaten. I didn't think of the fat involved and that's a very good point. Especially as this is a cockatoo. Thanks for explaining it.
  2. Just a couple more thoughts. I've never met this disease, but I've just had a look at what Neil Forbes has written about it (in Parrotlopaedia) and he recommends a pelleted diet as it's high energy and easily digestible. Also seizures can occur in PDD. Link to information about Parrotlopaedia - a book I really recommend! https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/3670-no-subject/
  3. I'm so sorry to hear how poorly Rachael is. You really are doing the very best you can for him. I see he was seen by your local Avian vet on Monday and she carried out bloods and xrays. I think maybe you need to wait for the blood results before doing anything else. Do you know what the blood is being tested for? If you don't, perhaps you could ring the surgery and ask them to tell you. And if you don't recognise some of the words don't be afraid to ask for them to be spelt out for you. It would be very helpful to know. (They may include calcium levels and tests for metal poisoning ). Congratulations on the baby I hope you're feeling better this morning, take care of yourself ! * Ah, I took so long to write this that I see we've cross-posted. Just one other thing occurs to me. Do you need the bars in the bottom of the cage - to stop him escaping? If not, you could take the grid right out, and put the blanket in the tray.
  4. H7 has been detected in a farm in Oxfordshire. I really hope this news doesn't cause unnecessary alarm. LinkS to the Defra site. http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/latest/2008/animal-0603.htm http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/diseases/notifiable/disease/ai/index.htm (edited to add 2nd link)
  5. Thinking of you today and WILLING her to turn up. {{{hugs}}} for you and OH. XXX
  6. Hello and welcome. I've replied on your other thread.
  7. One more thing has occured to me - Find out exactly what paperwork will be required if / when you return to Canada. Make sure you have it all before you leave, and keep it safe for your return.
  8. Hi! Greenwingmax's thread could be worth a read, although it's actually taking pet parrots FROM the UK TO Canada. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/14911-an-emigrating-flock-five-birds-stories/ And this is a very rough summary - * A booking with an airline which transports birds. * A travel crate which meets the requirements for international flights. * The documents necessary before your grey can be accepted on the plane. These will be specified by a Dept of the Canadian Govt. They could include a health check and maybe they will specify who is authorised to make this health check, and also give a time limit for it. (ie within a certain number of days before the flight). * The documents specified by the UK Govt. (See Pippy900's link to DEFRA above). These could include the health check already mentioned. *Quarantine: You'll find out the current rules re quarantine from the DEFRA site. I think you'll probably find that it's best to speak to the relevant govt. departments on the phone, to get all the relevant forms sent to you. And to take the name of anyone you find particularly helpful - so you can ask for them again ! Good luck - and congratulations to your son edited to add I've just re-read greenwingmax's thread and you will probably have to use a pet carrier agent. (As the airline may well insist on this).
  9. I'm watching animal rescue on the TV while flipping from the eagle web cam to the peregrine falcon web cam, both of which I've just found on the forum.. The eagle cam http://wavelit.com/index.php?view=EaglesNestLive Thanks Potty's mum The peregrine falcon cam http://www.regencybrighton.com/birds/webcam/ The chicks have made the lens messy (bless!) and have started to go out onto the roof, but there's 4 chicks altogether. Thanks Pippy900
  10. I'm just catching up on all the recent news. I am sooo pleased all is well for you. And congratulations.
  11. Whatever your age :wink: :wink: you deserve to be special on your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me too.
  12. I've managed to catch up with your posts now - it all sounded so horrid. I'm sorry. And really glad you're on the mend now.
  13. That's great news. And very exciting! Big congratulations ! Sounds like a big boss who deserves good staff. Luckily for him he has Vinnie.
  14. HAVE A REALLY GREAT TIME ! even though I don't think I've heard of any of the music :?
  15. What beautiful pictures! Awesome. I just wish I could be there, but it makes me go cold and a bit faint (lol) just trying to imagine it. Pity the poor people who take the food up. (?)
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