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  1. I have westies , luckily i have had no problems with them at all. They have a lovely temprement ,loyal, understanding,easish to train ..................... just loveable
  2. I guess you could tell us about any bird , but only vote if it's a cag
  3. Gawd what a awful thing to happen to you all . But soooooo glad ya birdies have produced Take care
  4. :D/ Way to go Athena So pleased for you Lesley , sorry not been intouch latley but thing's /days just seem to fly by . We are nursing 10 pups at the moment too , so the time just fly's . You take care now ......... Talk soon (( hugs ))
  5. We've never seen a copy of it...........the internet has been our main source of info .
  6. ...........where do you all get them from :?:
  7. It took Eddie a few weeks to get it off to a tee ............he's very godd now at peek a boo. The in phrase at the moment is love you eddie
  8. we are not sure on the age of peta because he was originally found last year when everyone was setting free their pets due to the bird flu.. no one claimed him despite zachs mums best efforts to re-unite him with his owners. we have only had him 6 weeks living with us, and he came for a week at christmas for his holidays zachs mum coming to visit him soon, ive told him to have a bath and put his tuxedo suit on lol Lol re tuxedo . Is Zachs mum from here :?: :roll: 6 weeks ..........you've achieved that sort of bond is brilliant
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