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  1. We visited the shop about 2 months ago. We are new to the parrot world not much experience. We did comment about how many birds were in one cage and its cleanliness was not up to any standard I would even class as fair. I was told that there were breeder birds upstairs but we were not allowed to see them. However we did notice a CCTV screen behind the counter with both rooms on it and the upstairs room confirmed this place was not for us. The young sales girl was new to the shop she was polite and handled the birds properly and was the only creditable thing in the shop. Also 3 amazon parrots were on a playstand in the window they seemed ok as well.
  2. We should all feel proud to have a fantastic forum like this to share everything. It actually makes looking after our feathered friends a lot easier. :D We get our Black headed caique within the next month just waiting for a new Avian Adventure stainless steel cage to be imported then I will post a few photos. Look forward to many hours reading all the links.
  3. Thanks everyone for all your views. We live in an appartment and the kichen is an archway from the lounge and the cage will be very near the kitchen so to safeguard my caique it looks like we are cooking with stainless steel from now on.
  4. We all are aware of the Tefal Du Pont scanario when it comes to our beloved birds dying. Is anyone using any other non stick with successful results? Or don't we know enough? What about results from the following SKK pans Hard anodised Titanium coating Le Creuset If anyone knows of safe non stick then please let us know. Thanks
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