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  1. Paulie


    An incredible, generous Lady. She was an inspiration. It is an honour to have known her.
  2. Paulie

    Aviary build diary.

    Terrific aviary Wayne. Good job,well done
  3. Paulie

    Stress bars!

    I have only ever seen stress bars on a Cockatoos feathers who was a very picky eater and was quite poorly during a very stressful moult. They didnt look like that, they went all the way accross the feather. George's feathers look in pretty good condition to me, but no expert
  4. Paulie

    Diced Papaya

    Both Tidymix and Dietec sell diced papaya, sorry I dont know about the sulphur dioxide on it, but you could ask them. Good luck !
  5. Paulie

    Mylo and JJ

    They certainly did touch a lot of hearts and I know one who would be overjoyed at this news.Its not before time that they were reunited, well done Caron for keeping up the fight for these two. I echo Ruby's sentiments on this and cant write what Im really thinking :shock: Its so sad to see her in that condition I hope that Phoebe can see a happier, healthier future, she is in the best place now to have the best chance. The Birdcare Co. Probiotic is water soluble, so can be added to water or soft food
  6. Paulie

    Introduction and our Galah

    I too would concur with my learned colleagues about the wing clipping. One other important thing to remember is that even with clipped wings, birds are still able to fly under the right conditions. I have used different harnesses in the past and found the "Aviator" simple and safe to use.
  7. Paulie

    I'm sure Greg will be missed

    Well said RubyToo I havent got a clue what has happened here but I think it is a shame that two more very Knowledgable people have been lost to the forum.
  8. Maybe worth asking Debrambell, she is in the neighbouring state of Ohio.
  9. Paulie

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    Why is it that we need "conclusive evidence" before we accept that something could be detrimental. It seems be a common concept that because some people have done something for a while without seeing any harm then it is deemed acceptable. Who is it that wants to change the goalposts...the subject is now side tracking to stopping breeding, importing birds, diet etc..... all different debates and is taking us away from the question of clipping. Well you and probably quite a few others noticed the plight of the bird and obviously didnt make enough noise with the organisers, so the reason I see nothing was done about it was the apathy of the people who pretend to care. With respect MP your last post smacks of being more concerned with the "bird industry" being damaged than what is right for the birds welfare in the long run. If this is your "real world" you can count me out !
  10. Paulie

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    "Paulie I think your reply is very harsh" "Paulie I think your attitude towards people who have their birds clipped is totally out of order" Sorry people, this is about the animals rights and wellbeing and not about what is right for us and our lifestyles, and that is what the vast majority of clips are done for, convenience ! Neither does it justify having their wings clipped and taking away their right to flight. I could show you books by respected authors that tell you the correct way to dock a dog's tail, doesnt mean that it is right ! It would be interesting to know how many of the people who think that wing clipping is acceptable agree with tail docking or shock collars ? MP, are all your birds clipped or is it just the Macaws ? David, as for the AWB, maybe when, and if it gets some teeth then it might do something about wing clipping that I agree takes away the birds fundamental right to fly, which I dont think anyone can say is not normal behavour.
  11. Paulie

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    And just because you "have not said this bird is disturbed by the clip", who are you to decide and predict what damage has not been done in the long term for this bird. Who are you to tell me I should not have an opinion.No I do not agree with wing clipping for the reasons stated and many others that have not been, especially in the more active, smaller species. The point is in this case is that your actions have done nothing to solve the problem or you would not be looking for suggestions on what to try next. Perhaps you should listen to some of Gregs advice instead of dismissing it out of hand every time. AND I did not say "that bird sould be rehomed", I suggest you re-read !! You are far too quick in handing out advice pro wing clipping imho, it is the easy way out in many cases and takes the least effort. I could give you many cases of "problem" birds who have gone on to live contented lives without your brutal methods. We took on an old wild caught LSC2 who fell in love with her chosen one and would attack anyone else who entered "their space". This bird was allowed her own space and special time. She was eventually successfully rehomed with one of her own kind and still tolerates the attention of one human. And all without the indignity of removing flight, and for anyone has had a meaningful bite from an LSC, it was not the easiest of journeys but the scars were worth the end result.
  12. Paulie

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    Clipping should not be the first resort,it should be a last after exhausting every other avenue imho.It seems to be the easiest option for some. Its not the first option by any means. Tinker has just decided that I'm public enemy number 1. Sorry Net, that was a general remark and not personally directed at you.However, and please dont take this personally either, I have to agree with Hotfoot in the sense that I dont buy this line of "it is better to clip than to rehome". I believe that the vast majority of "problem" birds can be worked with if people are willing to put in the time and effort. If you have not got the time or cannot make the effort, instead taking the easy way out and clipping a birds wings. Then the bird would be better off with someone who will consider the birds needs and not just their own convenience. Look at Mandy's post That started off with that little bird needing just a small clip to "slow it down" and look, he is "still clipped today" and they are looking "If anyone can suggest something that we have not already tried"It has not worked and has potentially disturbed that bird even more in the long run, and it is impossible to turn back the clock on that damage. That is probably a good case for a bird that would have been better off rehomed.
  13. Paulie

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    Clipping should not be the first resort,it should be a last after exhausting every other avenue imho.It seems to be the easiest option for some.
  14. Paulie

    Feather pulling help!

    They certainly look like old feathers that were ready for moulting, possibly uncomfortable and that is why he has pulled them. I wouldnt get too anxious about it, just keep an eye on him and give plenty of baths/showers to help the irritation.