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  1. Thanks for that stormbird :wink:
  2. I can find a bird bath spray called featherbrite..................... A while back I bought a bottle spray called Featherbrite from my local Jollies Pet Store as My CAG called Doctor seemed to over preening, it was my intention to buy Moult Ease however as they had no Moult Ease I bought this Featherbrite instead. The spray was Great, it brought the colour of his feathers out really well. It really made a difference to his plumage & everyone commented on how good he looked. Now I've found out Jollies no longer sells this spray & I cant for the life of me find anywhere else that sells it. Ive tried Pets at Home, smaller local pet shops & the internet. The only place I can seem to find it is on the net is in America, its only approx $3 to $4 there however shipping costs a fortune. Amazon.com sell if for $3 but wont ship to me for some reason. I have bought Moult Ease which seems to be the same sort of spray with Aloe etc in it however it doesnt seem to have the same affect & the Moult Ease is supposed to be used just when he is moulting but the featherbrite could be used 2 to 3 times a week even if not moulting. Does anyone know where I can get some featherbrite in the uk :?: Any help is appreciated. Helen
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me if its ok to give my CAG fresh Cranberries, if so then do I have to do anything with them before giving them to him (apart from washing them that is) They have little seeds inside, are these ok or would they need to be removed??? Any help is really appreciated Thanks Helen
  4. Thanks for the help I will let her know not to worry too much about Toot. What about this stange movement with rubbing its tail in between its legs? Anyone any idea what this could mean? Maybe Toot just likes the feel of that eh? Helen
  5. A friend of mine has had a pair of love birds for 5 years, Toot & Ploot. However 3 weeks ago Ploot died :cry: . There was no warning signs she just came home to find him/her dead on the bottom of the cage & Toot was freaking out in the cage. She recently spoke to a neighbour who said he used to breed birds & he told her there was a good chance that Toot would also pass away as love birds are always in pairs therefore the stress of Toot losing his/her mate would more than likely result in death!! He also told her that love birds dont live that long! She didnt take Ploot to a vet therefore she doesnt know how or why he died. Now she is terrified of coming home & finding Toot gone too. She doesnt really know much about Love Birds & neither do I so I thought I'd try you guys to see if anyone can help. She has also noticed that since Ploot died, Toot has started putting his/her tail feathers between its legs & making a rocking movement. This is really hard to explain without actions but imagine he/she's scratching its bum with its tail feathers :roll: Does anyone know what this could mean, he has also become very chripy, making high pitched chirps & noises. One other thing I was wanting to ask was does teflon pans etc affect love birds? I know they could kill my CAG therefore I dont use them but my friend reckons she has always used them & a George Forman grill which is teflon & her love birds were kept in a kitchen/dinning room for 5 years. :?: Helen
  6. Im just thinking - Doctor doesnt get hyper after eating the pellets however our AWOL Bobby used to be constantly hyper. I just put it down to the fact he was the young & stupid one of the two but maybe there was more to it!!
  7. Ahh I see what you mean now by preening toys. Thanks & I'll get that Parrot Toys & Play Area book. I need some new books! Thanks again for the help Helen
  8. Ive been reading through a few threads tonight & I have noticed a couple of entries about complete pellets. Quote- "Keep away from coloured complete pellets (like pretty bird African grey pellets), it's like giving E numbers to children" As I feed Doctor these pellets as part of his diet Im a bit concerned now. His daily diet it made up of Seed & nut mix, Pretty Bird Species Specific African pellets & fresh fruit & veg. I also give him pasta, rice, pulses etc from time to time. Calcivet & Daily Essentials3 are also added to his food. Am I right in thinking that the Pretty Bird pellets are not too good then?? This is what the breeder we bought them from told us to feed him on as this is what he had been feeding to all his Greys. Is there a healthier alternative & what kind of affect would this have on Doctor should I change his diet? He doesent seem to get like a hyper child when he eats them & he's been getting them for 2 years now. Helen
  9. Thanks for the link MMM. CGM - We bought them both at the same time & they shared the same cage so I suppose they would have spent a lot of time preening each other. What are preening type toys? I might give them a try. Doctor gets 1 shower everyday (in the main shower) & depending on the weather he also gets a spray from a bottle. Ive seen the moult ease - think I will get some of that & give it a try. Im also gona book him in for a MOT at the Avian Vets just to make sure. Thanks fot the advice guy's is really helpful. Helen
  10. Hi, My CAG called Doctor has recently been through a rough spell since we lost our other CAG called Bobby :cry: . Recently Doctor seems to be very happy & he has grown back some missing flight feathers on one of his wings, however now that he can fly again ive noticed that under his wings (I call it his armpits) are bald! Im sure they havent always been bald. Its hard to have a proper look as he gives nasty bites if you try. He doesnt like anyone touching his wings especially under them. From what I can see it looks like there are some little darts of feathers growing in there but he keeps nibbling at both armpits all the time & im worried he maybe plucking. The skin also seems very pink under there. Can anyone confirm if this might just be part of his moult or if you's think he might be plucking. He seems to be scratching & preening a lot these days & he has a lot of dust, I thought he was just having his moult but now Ive seen his bald armpits im not so sure. Can anyone advise me :?: Helen
  11. Exactly, they have wonderful personalities & are so entertaining. When we have friends around they dont come to see us they come to see The Doctor! They think its great to hear him speak. Its not so good when you have a rotton headache though!! Just had a look at your pic's, Harry's lovely!
  12. Harry's Mum, I was thinking of getting another cage for when we find him however I havent bought one yet as the length of time he's been missing isnt hopeful. They will definately be seperated when he come home though. By the way Doctor is named after Doctor Who!! Gavin is a mssive fan. When we have company around Doctor likes to ask them "Who's the Doctor" Its mad, he says it in a really arrogant way Bless
  13. As most of you's may know one of my CAG's is still awol & has been for over 15 weeks now :cry: . I was so worried about how losing Bobby would affect my other CAG called Doctor. However it seems I dont have to worry because Doctor dosent seem to be bothered at all!! When they were both together Bobby was really naughty & a bit of a bully towards Doctor. Could this be the reason Doctor's so chilled out these days? Bobby used to knock Doctor off the playstand by dive bombing him which lead to Doctor losing most of his big flight feathers from 1 wing, which resulted in him being unable to fly. This obviously was great to Bobby who then took total control over Doctor, bullying him, pinching his treats etc. Since Bobby has been missing Doctors flight feathers have grown back & he now attempts short flights from the cage to the setee or the playstand to the top of the Plasma :? !!!! The landing still needs some work though :wink: His talking has improved a lot & he has become very cuddly & alot more friendly, Doctor was the better talker of the 2 but now there's no shutting him up. My worry is that if or should I say when I find Bobby how will this affect Doctor? Im worried that this would have more impact on him. :? Helen
  14. Doctor's favourite is wood toys. Especially one's with ropes which have blocks of wood on the end & bells on the bottom. As soon as he get's a new one he wont stop playing with it until every block of wood has been chewed off & the bell no longer rings!! He doesnt bother with acryllic toys (I think it because he cant break them so he doesnt bother with them) Helen
  15. I tried to give my Grey raw raddish but he wasnt interested in them, they always ended up flying accross the living room!!!
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