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  1. Hi all i am still here. I have just logged on as my life has gone from bad to worse and i have needed time to sort things out. Thanks for the birthday wishes x
  2. Well i was "browsing" as you do and came upon this thread. I would like to thank all those who supported me and nikki through what was the hardest time of our lives so far. I would also like to offer my support to anyone affected by Cancer. That includes the person diagnosed or the family and/or friends of those affected. I will be willing to meet for a cuppa (cures everything lol) with anyone who just wants a chat or you can call me or Nikki on the numbers below. I have a good head for charity events and i am happy to do charity runs etc. This website should have a link to the Cancer network for support groups as it was my most important resource during the chemotherapy stage. Nikki is still going good with her first all clear check up already gone by. She has passed her driving theory test so is on route to her test. What i have said is from my heart and i mean every word about giving my support. Take care Friends and to all those out there i raise my hat as you are true heros in my eyes XXX 07778586784 or 01964502190
  3. This is to remember Tiffany who passed away on 23 as a happy little friend. She was only with us for a short while but will be missed forever. This was my idea for a thread like this so please bring your loved ones here so we can remember them from their happy times. x Take care Tiffany 2001 - 2007
  4. I have just had a brain wave. It may just sound good to me please let me know your opinion. What about the logo saying Parrot Link but the letters are made up of feathers from different birds (images of course)
  5. You got my vote it is a must. I also think the logo should be on a t shirt and other PL merchandise. Could be a call for a Mod to set up a competition for best logo :wink:
  6. Hi all i sadley lost one of my OWA on wednesday morning. I have forgot which one was male and which female. They had sexing rings on and the previous owner did tell me but i have forgot. They female is/was proven so it is a definate sexing. One had a black ring and the other a gold ring!!. If this helps please inform me as i would rather do it this way then stress the other bird anymore just yet by pulling a feather. If i do need to pull a feather which ones are less painfull and stressfull?? cheers Jon PS Nikki is doing ok still
  7. For Phoebe Distance is one thing that keeps us apart. But you will always remain here in our hearts. Look down here Phoebe and you will see your here in our hearts. Go and fly with Chloe and let her know yours and hers mum was the best mum anyone could wish for. For Tracey and Family When you look in the sky and see a shooting star dont make a wish just look deeper as that will be phoebe giving you a wink with that glimmer in her eye. Then be thankful you was her family X For Chloe How its time to look after your little sister like your mum would want you too. Be strong for each other as your mum has us to be strong for her. Look after each other on the little birdy playground way up high in the clouds and next time im skydiving i will remember to say high :wink:
  8. Hi does anyone have any more links on einstien the grey as he is one intelligent bird cheers
  9. Well i must say this thread needs publishing rights as i think the info in here is missing from breeding guides. I have learnt alot from all so thank you very much. Steve keep us updated mate your success will be our happiness. Cheers mate jon
  10. Hi i have just purchased a proven pair of OWAs. I was just wondering if anyone who has breed these birds has any breeding tips or info. I breed CAGs but have decided to branch our further as greys are becoming very common on the breeding front. All info welcome.
  11. 28 february 1979. 27 years young and already classed as a war veteren
  12. I know how you feel. My wife was diagnosed with cancer 4 months ago and it has been hard. You dont realise the life changing decisions you have to make until faced with something like this. Follow your heart and you will make a far better decision then any words or pictures could make from any other person then yourself. Good luck and i offer you my support in anyway that i can possible even just a chat. Regards and best wishes Jon
  13. My worst bite was from my wife it was a great night we had such fun we were being so rude. sorry think i might have said too much Lol :oops:
  14. :shock: :shock: Just had alook through the posts and i am now in shock!! How can these people be so cruel. They do say that money is the route to all evil but i cannot believe people are like this. :evil:. I hope that we can get problems like this sorted. I still hope David thinks the e-petition is a good idea.
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