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  1. Yes they are more or less fully grown at this age, they just fill out now .... i just had a look at your photos they are lovely was your baby grey's harness trained by the breeder?? It's lovely they go out with you x
  2. Thankyou Kris, That is a lot of help never thought of rodent platforms, what a great idea Luckly mine are perching well already and climb to the top to sit out of the cage so im sure they will be fine...Thanks again for your post it really is a great help x
  3. Big thanks to everyone for your help and advice, Thanks Leigh the Photo of Oscar in your PB was just fine x And thankyou Marie for your advice Aww bless Sombra looks lovely im glad he can manage just fine with his leg that way gives me hope for my little ones
  4. Vikky i didn't buy them they are babies my greys have hatched Thanks Leigh nice to hear that he copes just fine have you got a photo of your grey you can send me so i can see if it is as bad as mine look... don't worry if you haven't. Thanks for letting me know
  5. Thanks David that was what i was worried about, them not coming through the anaesthetic, as i said they can perch one not as well as the others but it finds a way, i just want to do what is best for them and dont want them to end up dying just for the sake of a straight leg if you see what i mean. Has anyone else had this problem with greys before? Never had this problem with this pair before just seems strange that all 3 of that clutch had a leg broken.
  6. (Not sure i have posted this in the right place or not but please feel free to move it) It's been a long time since i have been on here been so busy with my children and also the parrots, my little girl is 1 yr old now and such a sweetie, will get some pic's up if any of you can remember who i am?! Anyway back to my help needed i brought in a clutch of 3 baby greys a while ago and each one of them had suffered a broken leg in the nest, no i had this happen to one about 6 months ago which i took to the avian vet near me and he x-rayed the baby and said it would be fine as it had started to fuse and to leave it, it might heal slightly out of shape but as long as the baby could perch then best just to leave it be unless i wanted to put it through an op so it would have a straight leg and he wouldn't do it until the baby was older it was 4 weeks when i took it, so when i brought this clutch in and noticed the leg had at some point suffered a break which had fused i thought i would leave them and see how they go, all of there legs healed (1 on each) but now they are older they are 18 weeks the legs have grown at funny angles, now they are perching and as happy as any normal baby just took them longer to learn to perch. Now what i want to know is, is it worth me taking them to a vet to see if they will do a op on the babies to put the leg straight? ( i asked at my local vet and she said if the leg was bent best to consider if it is worth carrying on with the baby!!! i was horrified!! Never going there again!)_Is there much risk in doing this to a baby grey putting it under for the op is this risky? My 2nd question is does anyone know what it would cost me roughly if they did do it.i know an x-ray and for the vet to see the bird is about £130 each bird so just wondering what an op would cost if it was the way to go... I don't want to put the babies through an op if they might not come out the other side as they are very happy and loving babies, but then i want to give them the best life i can, and if a straight leg means they can do more im happy to get it done... Any advice would be so great I thankyou in advance for your time Paula
  7. Thanks hun will do He does seem ok now and quite a little darling bless thanks again will keep you all updated x
  8. Thanks Gary Baby is doing really well not long had a runny weak feed and did wll on it the crop was nice and empty too so im not so worried now as i said i think i panicked because of the size of the chick and it being 23 days old sort of made me worry. Why it is the size of a 2 week chick but is over 3 weeks who knows would it be somthing to do with the winter/cold? the parents are still fed the same food/fruit/pulses/palm nuts and vitamins as always so makes me wonder why.... i guess we all learn from things like this! Baby today - Thanks again to all of you for your help and advice you really helped put my mind at rest Off to feed the little human baby girl now then sort some photos out to put up
  9. Hi Kleo long time no speak! ( i really should come over and see you and show you our new daughter ) Baby seems ok this morning i have fed it cooled warm boiled water and massage the crop again as suggested, it seemed to be nearly empty just one or two little lumps nothing like last night though so i am feeling much better i will keep this up for the next feed and see how it is then... Thanks mike k as i said above the crop was nearly empty this moring if when i go to feed baby at the next feed 12pm and it's crop feels empty should i feed the water again or give a h/r feed? and should i keep it on the watery side? Baby is sleeping happy in the brooder at 30c is that warm enough? Thanks Caligula , i have a Brinsea TLC-4 so i don't think i can increase the humidity in the brooder it only has the one that you can fill...? I think i panicked as baby was over 100 grams smaller than they normally are from this pair at 3 weeks would this be due to the time of the year? Thanks again all it is a great help to have people like you to help even at silly o'clock
  10. Thanks will get them up tomorrow Here is a photo of the baby greys eyes as i said it seems they have opened a little after being in the brooder for a few hours i took a pic with the flash off to show you all
  11. I am a little yes :shock: lol just got her off to sleep so am going to go myself! She is being a good girl apart from being really grumpy and poorly after her jabs and really hard work but she is so cute you can olny smile at her (i will stick some pic's up tomrrow for you to see
  12. Thanks all for your replys The baby seems a lot better now after being in the brooder for just a few hours and its eyes even seem to be a little open now compaired to when i first brought it in, i have the water in the brooder topped up so maybe it has helped.. it's crop stills feels a little lumpy but i have given it some warm boiled water as you suggested gary and a watery feed it wouldn't take much so i didn't force it but it took some and seems strong so i am happy... I have been feeding soak seed and fruit and egg food but as you say maybe mum and dad are not eating it! Thanks stormbird it was 22 days old i watched it hatch so i know it is 3 weeks and one day and as it only weighed 150 grams i got all worried as that pair the 3 week old babies have always been 255 grams plus and when i looked at its eyes they seemed completly sealed not like i have seen before on chicks 2-3 weeks old! I think lack of sleep may have been a factor in it too due to our non feathered baby being poorly after her injections a few weeks ago and not sleeping much at the moment...apart from that she is still vry cute Anyway the baby is sleeping now (both) so i am going to get some shut eye too as no doubt i will be up first thing to check on the little baby grey! Will keep you updated and thanks for your replys a great help and nice yo know there are people about to help you when you need it
  13. Thanks so much all ... i tryed posting it in the breeders section but was not allowed to so thought here was the next best option! Im so worried about the little one i can't sit still :? Sorry i have not been about much i have been so busy being a mummy to my little featherless baby and the other children i bearly get time to think!
  14. I have tonight brought in a baby grey and 2 eggs from a pair that normally give me 3 heathly chicks, on picking the chick up out of the box it's 3 weeks old, i noticed it was very small when i got it in and looking at it closer it looks like it's eyes are sealed shut?? and its crop is big and feeling it gently it feels very lumpy and full not right at all... the other 2 eggs i cracked and they had half formed chicks in them as i said this is very un-usual for this pair and nothing has changed food or vitamin wise . I don't have any avian vet i can call now till tomorrow im not sure what they can do anyway i have a gut feeling that there is something very wrong with the chick with it's crop the way it is and also the way it don't have eye lids they are just like tiny ones sealed in the middle... It is in the brooder at the moment and i don't know if to give it something to help flush the crop out of not? Has anyone had this before?? What was the out come?? Any advice on what to do or information/help would be great... Thanks for your help in advance.
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