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  1. Congratulations to the person that sent me that nasty email on Tuesday night from a bogus hotmail address. You've finally turned them all against me. Skye is my bird whom I love very much. Threats and jealousy will get you nowhere. Thanks for your help everyone else even BrettandJane who obviously hate me even though they don't know me. Take care. P.S. The quote I had up was a bit of fun. Being so proud of Skye I'd sent her picture round on the email at work and a friend sent me the quote back which had a cute animation of a dizzy little parrot at the end. I cut and pasted it into my signature box but the animation was lost. I don't even know how to add colour to my font in the signature box nevermind add an animation so I thought I'd leave it off until I could get help adding it. I didn't even think anything of what it said or would mean to the deeper, more sensitive ppl here. It was only up for a few hrs. I've only put this explaination up on the advice of Kleo who didn't think the responses were fair. I honestly thought everyone was joking not seriously being mean. BYE!!!
  2. Kleo is as stumped as I was. We just had a long chat and are beginning to wonder if Skye isn't a little mad.
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