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  1. does nayone know wyh my photobucket is like it is. as far as i can tell it should be correct.Any ideas?
  2. if it's addicted, surely it would be better for it to be taken away so it can quit!
  3. i was just doing this to find out the most popular type of parrot. please put down your birds
  4. the vet should have a special person to look after the animals
  5. i can't really buy at the moment but thanks for the thought krisjvv
  6. hi i just think he has chosen his favourite and is protecting you if your husband goes away when he is bitten it just reinforces the behaviour.
  7. it was in pets at home i found some for 130£. is that good?
  8. i was looking for a parrot to accompany mae and my cockatiel. what birds would be good. i have looked into african greys and amazons, but a Quaker parrakeet caught my eye. it cost 380£ though? is that expensive? thanks
  9. how do you put different sized and coloured text in your signature. for example not just having a link to the photobucket site, having what you choose to write there but still a link thanks
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