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  1. Listen Jason Dont be worrying about Fireworks it dosen.t effect birds like it does with cats and dogs.another thing someone may have him, and haven't seen your adverts yet, sounds crazy but that does happen. Dont give up, JUST STAY STRONG, best of luck from us here,,,,,
  2. Im gutted for you Jason, just wishing you The very best of luck in finding Jasper, you deserve to after that. Fingers Crossed.
  3. Yes ours is still missing since the 4th July, it isn't actually ours now. We hand reared him, but he had a disabled leg and had 4 operations,WHEN HE WAS A BABY, the vet had to break and reset his leg to try and staighten it, it was reasonable but not perfect but he managed to get around and loved everyone. We had him 14 months from a baby, the new owners who took him of us, only had him 10 weeks before he got out, so in a way we class him as ours, but we are all working together to try and find out what happened, were he went ETC. we have had no news, just a few prank call from idiots, Its just the not knowing were they go and were he is, like i said in a earlier post, if someone has got him we dont mind, the could make an annonimous call just to let us know he's being cared for. But we aint given up yet. you never know what can turn up.
  4. The very best wishes from Wigan, (Me) listen just dont give up, im sure you will find him. All the best luck and our fingers are crossed for you .
  5. Hey good luck there in finding your loved one, fingers are crossed and best of luck, from us here.....
  6. Good to here he's OK, but its a must, to get him to the vets, even if he's only been out a short time, its only natural his motions are runny, and he's quiet. Its a big thing for a parrot getting its freedom even if its only for a short time, its quite a frightening experience for the fella. But yep, just get him checked over for the best, he may need a tonic, to boost him up (Vitamins etc.) Anyhow you take it Eeeezy now.....
  7. Brilliant news, big smiles all around. and a few tears But tears Of Joy lol). Well done.....
  8. Sorry for the late reply Debs, Thanks for that. most of that has been done, we will just have to wait again to see if anything happens now, or someone slips up. Take Care, and thanks again.
  9. Still no news, but more and more people have got involved in the search, it obvious someone has him now, mind you he survived his upbringing with a disabled leg, and 4 operations from 7 weeks old, so he;s pretty strong, he may be feeding weres theres food and water. We aint giving up just yet, as i said more people are involved and some have there suspitions. ps cgm thanks, just glad there are sites like this, so you can let of some steam. it helps...
  10. Hope its found soon and Reunited with owners and back home were it belongs. Good Luck...
  11. Thanks for that cgm, she seems fine now her droppings are back to normal, after sitting her on my knee my jeans found that out lol. but she sure is making up for it, demanding attention as parrots do. I just wish we new what happened to Timmy, 12 weeks now since he got away from the new owners, there devastated still, if someone has got him, it wouldn't be so bad if they somehow would let us know, just so we knew he was safe. anyhow theres still hope. thanks again ,and sorry about my moaning.
  12. Still no news on timmy's wereabouts, since he escaped on July 4th, we are still hopeful that something may turn up. (Hopefully). And why im here my pet parrot Penny who we have had for 22 years, has been ill today, she keeps on being sick and bringing fluid up, and her droppings are very runny, i just hope nothing happens with her. Anyhow good luck to all who are still searching for there loved ones.
  13. The very best of luck, hope you find him//her soon. And its re-united with the original owner soon..
  14. Thanks for the help -MadMudMob- Much appreciated. catch ya later.
  15. Thanks, but i did get quite a few E-mails per day each time someone posted a message on Lost And Found. which to me was a brilliant idea. i have proof if you ever need it. Anyhow take care ........
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