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  1. I buy my Kaytee from my local World Of Water.
  2. Just got back from Vegas. Could'nt believe it when we got home. I can't remember the last time we had snow in Blackpool, now we have about three or four inches of it.
  3. Hi Kerry 78. Yes, it is one of those, Same colour as well.
  4. We are on holiday in Vegas at the moment. I went to a local Petsmart yesterday to get some new toys for Baili. On the shelf was a Rainstick still sealed in it's packet but with the cardboard bit with the barcode missing. I took it to the checkout to ask them the price and because the barcode was missing and they could'nt check the price ( it was the last one ) they let me have it for 50 cents.
  5. We are on holiday in Las Vegas at the moment and my kids went to a muse concert at The Joint at The Hard Rock Cafe on saturday night (12/12). They loved it. They also went to the gig in Teignmouth earlier this year. We used to live there and it gave them a chance to catch up with their old friends.
  6. Kaytee Rainbow Chunky and a variety of fresh fruit and veg.
  7. We are going to california in nine weeks time and I know you can get parrot toys and accesories a lot cheaper over there. Does anyone know the best places to buy them from. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I have just been given a second hand parrot cage so Baili can sit outside and get some fresh air. What is the best way to give it a thorough clean before I let him use it. Is diluted dettol or milton sterilisation fluid suitable?. Thanks.
  9. Hi Lam Yes, it is showing in my outbox. Thanks for that, i will remember in future. Thanks Sue
  10. Hi Wendy. Thanks for the offer but I have already ordered a copy from Amazon (bit to quick off the mark there lol). Thanks Sue
  11. Hi Wendy. Have pm'd you but don't think it's getting through as it is not showing in my sentbox.
  12. Thanks mmm. I had already spotted that and i am going to order a copy. Is Minehead anywhere near the Quontock Hills? i ask because that is where my hubby comes from and the rest of his family still live there.
  13. Yes, it is the same publisher. They sell it on Amazon for 8.39. I'm bringing my baby cag home on 29 sept. so think I will order a copy.
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