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  1. I had the 1st week off work to look for these birds, i had friends, family and some neighbours searching with me .... made posters and put on all local walks, wooded walks, dog walks , street posts, shop/garage etc only to be took down by net in the garage across the road and replaced with her own, with john haywards number on.... the local vets, police, john hayward, parrot alert were informed , ambersound radio.... the pet shops and pets at home got posters..... i wasnt sat on my backside waiting for net to return ... i was out there with helpers doing stuff ... Net also stuck her posters on the same streets as me, with john hayards number on... to me this says do not phone brooke, phone john .... so if anyone finds the birds, they have to phone john, to phone net , to phone me? in that time the birds could have gone ? ... and later on made posters with her own number on, so now 3 phone numbers? a gentleman rang me (last week?) got my number off a poster i made and stuck to a bus stop ... to say he had the birds in his garden, i was actually at work ( i do have to work) when he phoned and would have took me aprox 1 hour to get home , i rang net, 5 times and i was being ignored.... so i rang john hayward to see if he had another number for net..... his reply was, its out of office hours, i do not even have nets number on me... i called net again, she answered.... told her the address, explained i was at work, she was there within 5 mins but had missed them. Now.... if i wasnt being ignored to start with maybe things could have been different..As soon as i had finnished work (6am) i went home, took the dogs for a walk, asked net if she wanted help, i took the dogs home and then and met net on the road where the man phoned from ... there was another sighting at a local lake, john hayward phoned me to tell me about it, said he didnt have nets number? i phoned net to tell her, she was at home, i went with the dog and daughter and met net there ... on Tuesday just gone,( fannyann) mairi johnson sent me a facebook message at 18.24pm ..... Mairi Johnson Brooke , tinker is at 142 park rd , Heage. Net is making her way there, can you help, don't take your dog please, please. i was not on facebook at the time, i didnt actually read the message until 21.09pm, to which i replied ...... sorry mairi ive only just connected to the net and seen your message, no one had phoned me, i could have been there in 2 minutes , any news? been as mairi asked me not to take my dog this means net found the time to ***** about me taking the dog on the last sighting? she actually had only just come out of surgery and wasnt to be trusted on her own... i didnt want her chewing herself, so decided to take her and my daughter with me, couldnt leave the dog in the car, it was a scorcher day .. this was obviously i problem to net i wasnt aware of, and instead of talking to me, obviously bitched behind my back again? Had net have found time to phone me, ( she managed to phone 2 other people that i know of ) or anyone phone me for that matter i would have been there in 2 minutes max, she managed to phone various other people to let know to go there ... no one bothered to phone me , how am i supposed to know? Im not sat on facebook 24/7 I have NEVER refused or declined to go anywhere, had i have known id have been there in 2 minutes. i have never spoke to jaccigreaves on FB , i have never called you any names, my "public" facebook status was actually aimed at some bloke and if you would like to send me a message, i can proove this. i have no reason to call names, i left the playground years ago! It wasnt until mairi mentioned on tuesday that there was a facebook group set up for these parrots , net nor anyone else had actually told me about this group, i was never invited to it and never knew about it. - didnt want me involved again? so yes, i may have only met net ( and jacci) twice whilst looking for the birds, because these was the TWO sightings i have heared about ... no one has informed me of any more ... but i can assure you i havent only been twice, as for Gemstone commenting on what i have for sale on preloved, i actually dont think its of anyones buisness what i have for sale .. and it certainly is nothing to do with helping find nets birds... but just goes to prove how i am being treated and labeled by the lot of you... and i shouldnt have to explain ..id actually class that as borderline stalking ... I am sorry i wasnt vigilant enough whilst they was in my care, im not the 1st, and certainly wont be the last person to do such a stupid thing. many members on here have lost parrots through windows/doors , yes we all know as margy put it " Any parrot owner knows that you close doors behind you, you don't have windows open, or put them on the lock, you know exactly where each and every bird is.....and if they are not your own birds, then you are twice as vigilant!!! " but you only have to look down the lost section to see how many people obvioously do it. so to sum it all up, if i had been told of any more sightings, or where people were looking instead of being ignored etc i would be there, i could have took tinkers cage to the house where he was spotted myself but net sent someone else who i have to add,, ignored me n just collected it... janet, i dont know you hun but id like to thank you for at least having the decency to realise there are 2 sides to every story.
  2. fankoo everyone Alemap, thats fab news hope they are keeping you in the birds in fresh eggs each day if you would like a go at hatching Rhea eggs, let me know
  3. hello and thankyou astragal, im not sure if i recognise your name , hi fannyann and hello net, i see there are stalkers here aswell as FB haha xx
  4. hi Caron :waves: hello roz hope you are both well xx
  5. hi everyone from me, not been on for a year or longer but have popped back i recognise quite a few names , not sure if you can remember me, and hello to the new ones who i dont recognise brooke x
  6. me and mine are all well thankyou marion ) i hope you and your fids are ok ? x LAM it is indeed, thankyou for your help xx
  7. hi everyone can someone tell me what this bird is please? not too upto date on little birds, thanks in advance xx
  8. i watched it last night, a really good programme
  9. some of mine have just started laying , they are 14 weeks old this week, had my 1st egg 3 days ago )
  10. not long now till your 1st egg ) lovely looking coup they are in too
  11. ive just been looking them up on utube lol if only my chickens were as clever .....
  12. your not wrong there caron, they are very very clever, i tie fatballs from trees for the wild birds, the magpies will sit on the tree and actually pull the string up so the ball is on the perch with him !!!
  13. magpies can work them treddle feeders up here in derbyshire, they are well fed magpies and crows which must weigh heavy to work them GRRRR
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