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  1. I thought Tea Tree Oil was poisonious to parrots. He's gone back to leaving it alone. God only knows what got into him that day and the day after. He was a complete little stinker. I could have had him stuffed!
  2. I am now 31 weeks pregnant, that means 9 weeks left until Jessica is finally here. 9 weeks! We're into single digits now!
  3. I may try spraying the area with warm water everyday and see if that helps. Since he was leaving the scab alone I was leaving it be as I didn't want to attract attention to it. I really want to avoid having to use the collar, as Missy is the sort of bird who would be terrified of it.
  4. Bar shoving is a fantastic way to get them to try something new. Some parrots can be very odd about the way their fruit and veg is offered to them. For example. Missy will eat a carrot that has been shoved through the bars, but put a slice of carrot in a bowl and it is flung as soon as looked at.
  5. Naughty rabbits! My brother has a house rabbits that is always getting into trouble for chewing my mother's best patchwork quilt
  6. So after a week of Missy leaving his leg alone and it healing very nicely (the swelling has really gone down). This afternoon he's decided to pick the scab off. On a Sunday when there's no one available to see him. It hasn't bleed a lot and has stopped now, so I don't think it warrants dragging the vet away from his Sunday lunch. Why couldn't he had picked it on a weekday, or better still left it alone altogether. :'( I've given him some rolled up newspaper and brocolli on a kabob to take his mind off his leg. I am so so annoyed. It was doing so well and now this set back. If he continues to worry at it, I'll have to bitew the bullet and staple the collar the vet gave me round his neck. He'd better pray that's all I do. And to think, I gave the little snot some of my malties this morning.
  7. How odd. I've had a very unsettled feeling for the last few days, like something is going to happen. I'm hoping it's just because of the new year.
  8. New Years eve we had a special roast dinner. I sat my youngest daughter Amy (5) at the table with her dinner and Izzy reminded her, 'Careful, it's hot!'
  9. I have no idea to be honest. Missy will be 13 years old this year, so I don't know if using softer metal rings was more common then. But it certainly behaved differently to the closed ring on my african grey. The colour and information wore away after a couple of years. It never crossed my mind that it would cause so much trouble, had I known I would have had it removed years ago. I still feel very guilty that I could have prevented all this worry and discomfort. Lesson learned. I'm still concerned about his leg. It's not bothering or hindering him in anyway, but I did a silly thing and googled swelling in Galah's legs, so now I am convinced it's either a tumour or gout. Trouble is the vets are closed until tomorrow, so I have to wait until then to phone for advice. The sore part now has a scab on it (which Missy is leaving alone) which probably makes it look a lot worse then it is.
  10. Update on Missy. Very much his usual self, as he has been throughout all of this. He is still convinced that his new comfy rope swing is out to assassinate him. But on a plus, watching it's every move has taken his mind off his leg which has finally stopped spotting blood. I have ordered some F10 to dilute and spray his leg plus his belongings as it can only help.
  11. Thank you People were quite shocked when I went from so long to so short. Some people even said that I must be very brave, because cutting your hair is right up there with the bravest things you can do Truth be told, I suffered terribly from morning sickness and got fed up of being sick in my hair. However the decision was made when we went to London Zoo and I got my hair trapped on the Underground.
  12. Yes I will definitely try that. I'll get some a.s.a.p. He's carrying on as if nothing happened. However I keep looking at his leg like some neurotic parent. I'm sure he's getting fed up with his leg gettting all the attention suddenly. I suspect Izzy is hatching up some plan where she requires urgent medicial attention to even the odds somewhat.
  13. I suppose since it's been such a long time since I last used these boards, I should put up some up to date pictures of myself. I used to look like this: Now I look like this: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g17/seathreepeeo/009-2.jpg[/img] and this: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g17/seathreepeeo/2014-1.jpg[/img] I know I know
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