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  1. I am so relieved that Gary has taken Scoobie on. He is a lovely bird and I was really worried about his quality of life. I am stubborn and will look at every option before giving up. I am writing this from my hotel room in Auckland, I haven't actually seen day light yet. I wanted to get Scoobie sorted before I left when it all actually happened as I was leaving the country. I am quite excited about this chapter in Scoobie's life. He responds to people well when he isn't ill. I would love to know how he is getting on and I will keep in contact with you. Please give him my love and blow him a kiss, I miss him terribly. Missvee
  2. Like I say Nicola, they were just, how about not giving him medicine on a spoon, only with a syringe. Try eating off a spoon in front of him. Like sit next to his cage and put a little of the baby food to your lips, pretending to eat and enjoy it. If he comes and investigates, you have some, then him, don't force him, let him come to you. At the moment he is in this cycle of being poorly and strangers (vets,) handling him. He possibly has a sore throat and he may be hungry. That was why I suggested vitamin drops in his water, it will help build him up and his immune system. I am trying to think from his point of view. Hope the vet has some positive news. Vee
  3. Hi Nicola, just a thought. I was wondering if vitamin drops are available which can be put in his water? If he is only chewing and not swallowing, is he still drinking? Someone also mentioned about baby food, was he sppon fed when reared? He might take some baby food from a sppon that is warm. He might want babying,, if you do spoon feed him, ask the breeder what they used. If he was syringe fed I wouldn't bother. I know that my CAG when I helped spoon feed my friends babies, wanted to be fed too, he was ill at the time, although not physically. Maybe they are like children and regress when ill because it is associated with being very loved and secure. It's just a thought. Vee
  4. Thought I would post an update about Scoobie whi is mentally ill. He was tried on new medication which was a complete no no. Back on Prozac which the vet has said he will be on long term. I have searched to find something which can help, to no avail. Missvee
  5. Hello everyone and I am sorry for not replying to your advice earlier but I had a power cut last night. I take on board what everyone has advised or recommended, it is true the advice would be for Maggie who is now his mum. I did send off the advice about treating Scoobie as a wild bird etc, but she did say that he is mentally ill. He actually throws himself around the cage when no one is near him. He has been moved away from different rooms away from other birds and people, he has been on Prosac since July and it has made no difference. He is mentally ill and this is what Maggie is trying to say, behavioural training won't work, the vet also said this. He can't get out of his state of terror, he needs medication. As I said before I need to hear from someone who had a bird with mental illness and was treated with something other than behaviour training. I am not considering having him put down, that really is a last resort. I would take up the offer of him being re homed first. Sometimes it is another pair of eyes that can do the job. Thank you again and don't stop trying people, Scoobie depends on you .
  6. Yes thats it, if he is left alone and quiet he is fine but that isn't a birds life is it.
  7. He is actually mentally ill, he has a psychosis. If he was a human, he would probably be committed. He can't cope with the world. He wants to eat and sit in his cage and no interaction with anything or anybody. When my husband left he picked up on the situation, obviously I was upset and he picked up on that. A person was missing and I had to do more shifts, hence he didn't spend a lot of time with me and he probably needed me more then. Unlike humans who can adapt and work out their feelings birds can't and Greys are well known for being sensitive. He is a very sensitive soul.
  8. No I know that, but I know it has to be a consideration for the future. He is staying with Maggie for good. If she can get him well enough then she could re home him because he is a lovely bird. I actually thought she would be able to sort him out then sell him on. I wanted to give him a new home because I was emigrating but there was no way on earth I could let him go to another owner. Maggie would always be the first person I would go to. I am praying she and the vet can sort him out, for his sake.
  9. I don't even want to think about that yet. Although I have and that's what prompted me to come on here. I work in the health profession and I do not put my faith wholly in one doctor, that is why I wouldn't put my faith in one vet. Yes I do sing his praises, I know how good he is, in fact excellent. Before I took the step to put Scoobie to sleep I would ask Maggie to get a second opinion. Even if I had to take the trip upto Aberdeen to do it myself. I am just plain stubborn.
  10. Exactly, thats why I am seeking advice on here. If anyone can mend a bird she can and he came from her, she reared him. That's why I did the trip from Bolton to Aberdeenshire. Plus with all the other Greys and birds there I thouhgt it would be a good atmosphere. As you may know she has rescued very badly neglected birds, Joey for instance and he is brilliant now, even though his language is terrible. Scoobie wan't neglected but he is ill. Plus the vet in New Deer, is supposed to be an excellent Avian vet. If they can't mend him what is to be done, whats the next step? i am so worried. Maggie tells me off for fretting but Greys are like people who are very sensitive. Missvee
  11. Yes you can prescribe Prosac etc. The vet is an experienced Avian vet. As for , but it isn't working. The vet is going to try something else. I have been chatting to the Greys new owner and she tells me behaviour training isn't going to work because he is mentally ill. It is going to be a wait and see game. So thanks everyone and if anybody has had a bird with a mental illness let me know how you got on. Greys are especially susceptable to mental illness because of their sensitivity and picking up on anxiety and stress. Missvee
  12. I am in Bolton and Scoobie is in Aberdeen so I don't get the chance to see him. I keep in contact with Scoobie's owner and he hasn't improved. She is going to try him on some new medication which the vet has prescribed. I just wondered if there were some behavioural tips that could be tried in the mean time. Missvee
  13. No he isn't coming back, I have had to leave him there. My ex wasn't particularly good with him I gave him all his care. The vet did say it was probably because of the break up. I would love some tips and advice, I am desperate. missvee
  14. Update on page 3 (MadMudMob) I hope someone can help. I sent my African Grey back to the woman who handreared him as I couldn't sell him because of his extreme behaviour. I am emigrating so can't take him with me and he was my ex partners bird who abondoned him when he left me. Actually the bird didn't like him, good judge of carachter. The problem is he throws himself around his cage, violently, as if he is trying to get away. He won't venture out of his cage, we have tried introducing him to other birds to see if that would help but he is terrified. He has been to the vets who put him on Prosac, yes, Prosac. The vet says he has a nuerosis. He has been on it for about 6 months, it is mixed in with his food. This hasn't helped. The vet says he hasn't coped well with the change in the relationship at home, basically me on my own. I worked shifts so couldn't spend as much time with him and obviously he picked up on my state of mind because of the breakup. He did have a pal, my Conure to keep him company. The woman who hand reared him is very experienced with Greys and has took in badly neglected and abused birds but his behaviour is stumping her. The vet is an avian vet but I am wondering if she needs a second opinion? Please help because he has a rotten quality of life. He was a very friendly, tame talkative bird and he is only 3 so he is a young bird. Missvee
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