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  1. Thank You Yep i found the other name for it after googling, and could find extracts about birds eating it, but still wasnt sure. I have tried some this morning (myself not Timba) and its really nice, kinda like pear in texture , but such an unusual flavour. Tesco had packs of 4 for 49p yesterday. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Can anyone tell me if this is safe for parrots. Picked a pack up in Tesco yesterday, but want to make sure its ok to feed before i do so. Have had a look through the information topics and cant find it listed anywhere?
  3. See now this is something i would like done for Timba, but am uneasy with doing. :roll: Can i ask, is it the big feathers you pluck or will the white fluffy ones do ??
  4. What would you like to know, we currently have the Daschhound, Labrador and Chihauha ones here Its a brilliant game for all ages. Basically you start off with a certain amount of money to first go to the kennels and pick yourself a dog. Theres a variety of dogs each with a description on how easy they are to train etc. You then bring dog home and have to care for it. You start by naming it, which is quite annoying when you have three kids all shouting dogs names into the games console until the dog recognises its name. You have to go to the shop to buy food, shampoo, brushes etc for your dog. You can take the dog for walks, where you can pick up gifts to earn yourself more money by selling them in the secondhand shop. You can also train your dog to do commands, enter competitions with it (again to earn money), bath your dog, feed it and pet it. If you dont look after your dog it gets very tired, hungry and thirsty and gets fleas. But all are easy to remedy. We have had the games since they were released and the novelty hasnt worn off here yet. The more money your earn, the more dogs you can buy and you can change the house layout. I love doing the discus competitions, or just taking the dogs for a walk. Its great fun for al ages. Any other questions give me a shout. Also if there is more than one console with the dogs game you can get your dogs to meet up via Barkmode and the dogs can play together and bring each other gifts.
  5. The Nintendo DS Lite is the "In" console of the nintendo handhelds at the moment. Its a cracking little console, with a vast array of games available for all ages. The uniqueness of using the touch screen to interact with the games is fab. We currently have two nintendo ds and one nintendo ds lite in this household, and i have got to say the new ds lite wins hands down. There is talk of the older version being phased out, but not the DS Lite nor the games for it. The nintendo Micro is similiar or should i say a newer version for the gameboy advance and does not have the same capabilities as the DS Lite. The DS Lite is compatable with all Nintendo Advance games and DS games. The age range playing with the DS lite here is from 5yrs upto 40 I just cant stay off the nintendogs game...its soo addictive. If it was me i would definately buy the DS Lite. Hope thats helpful.
  6. Thanks Stephie and Roz. Can copy and paste info onto our chin board for her. Information re the Rosella is very etchy, they couldnt gain much. Just know she and hubby are going for it tonight :roll:
  7. I am posting this on behalf of a friend, for some reason they cant get on the forum (They have emailed David!). It is posted on the other side, any help greatly appreciated. Can anyone offer any advise as to how to deal with a rosella that is feather plucking My OH has just been asked to take one that is no longer wanted by its owner . We will take it and try to do our very best for it as we could not leave any animal/ bird in distress Has anyone had any success with things such as Calcivet (CalciBoost)and Feather-Up which I am considering ordering on line Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  8. No Sue, i managed to get it for £85.00 including delivery. If the one you have ordered is half as good as mine (it does look different to mine! Different feeders...and bottom) then you will be pleased. They are a bit of a sod to put together, but i was doing it on my own. But once up i was very pleased and have lots of comments about it from other friends with parrots. Sue have just been into my ebay and apsdiscounts and the ebay seller are one and the same, as the guys feedback to me says thanks from apsdiscounts.
  9. I bought that cage, from that seller a few months ago for my grey. I got it for £85 and have got to say its fab. Delivery was excellent paid Monday and cage was here Wednesday. I find the lock on the door and on the top to be very sturdy and strong. I love the cage and hunted for ages and ages round shops etc for one and this was soo much better than i expected. Hope that helps a little. Have put a couple of pics of mine in my photobucket.
  10. Thanks Roz, you are a star I have been getting loads of these and didnt know how to sort it. Have got to say that since Orange took over Wanadoo the service has been terrible. I have had 8 occaisions now in the last 6 weeks where there has been no internet access, one of them being yesterday afternoon and night. Think i am going to look around for another provider.
  11. Mines arrived too this morning, thanks vey much David. Timba nearly had my hand off for a piece, and has devoured all the piece.
  12. Oh i am :oops: I had been trying for a few days and didnt know you could do it in photobucket.
  13. Have just tried through photobucket...have i done it i wonder ? Woooohooo it worked. LOL Thanks
  14. Timba absolutely loves figs, have been out tonight for some more for her.
  15. I hvae fed mine raspberries...also blackberries and blueberries. She seems to really like all of them. But be warned...have something handy for cleaning the walls.
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