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  1. We got our cage from here, the birds have always seemed to be well cared for and their seperate house area seems good, although they did have some caiques there and they didn't have any toys which I thought was a bit sad considering how playfull they are they seemed very subdued!(sp)
  2. This wasn't just off the M25/A21 was it?? There is a very good garden centre here
  3. Hi There Steve, For a moment I was going to say that Elmo must be growing up, but after re-reading your post it is the older Caique which getting a bit 'beaky'. Unfortunately I have this problem with my male caique and female humans.. if I walk up to the cage he wants to kill me if i put my finger in he will bite it!But if I'm standing there and my husband joins me he will back down, I have also tried this with female/male friends and it is definitely a gender thing. His sister is fine (who is in the same cage as him) and touch wood has never bitten me, it is a shame as it is him that is loosing out, I mainly handle him in a towel now as he is so unpredictable and to have time with his sister I either have to leave him in the cage or go to a different room, I would so love to have them both out and play with them both together but don't think it would happen with out getting attacked! He also seems to go through fazes sometimes he is better than other, I am still holding out for that fact that he will come out of his 'Kevin & Perry' stage and maybe able to at least be civilised to me! Oh also when he is in the cage he also won't let me play with his sister through the cage as he buts in front of her so he can get to me... I love them both dearly but wish he wasn't like this so we could have more fun together with out the risk of having my lip bitten off!! I was also wondering should I maybe split them for a while??
  4. Have you tried this forum: http://www.falconryforum.co.uk/ Sorry if I have repeated this from a previous post
  5. I also have this trouble with my BHC, he is only about 18 months so I am mainly putting it down to him growing up. Although I feel that other factors include Hormones, Tiredness, jealousy (maybe not in your case) and Diet (as in too much food that might make them hypo). I think that the main aim is to learn their behaviour... To help handling you could get a buddy perch or a towel just used for handling. Stitch bit my lip quite badly and I'm admittedly finding it difficult to get my confidence back with him, as their beaks are seriously sharp and I am a bit of a wuss, b ut then I also play the violin so I really want to avoid as much injury as possible. :roll:
  6. See link Below http://www.echo-news.co.uk/display.var.1684000.0.listen_out_for_our_missing_parrot_rollo.php
  7. Lilo and Stitch also dunk, i caught them last night playing tug of war with a dunked walnut shell
  8. Cheers Stephie, sorry I have been away and only just seen your post. I bought the Beak Book by Sally Blanchard - looks to be very interesting and hopefully I will understand Lilo and Stitch a bit better afterwards maybe a bookshop pf books for sale would be a good idea tho :?:
  9. Thank you MMM can always rely on you
  10. I thought that there was a section on parrot books that people had recommended but I can't find it :?: Can anyone point me in the right direction pls :wink:
  11. Hi Maurizio, We are very lucky and the breeder put them in their harnesses when they were babies. In the pictures we were at a friends Barbecue and we actually put the harnesses on them whilst in the car. (we locked the doors first) Lilo is great she will just lay on her back let you put it on her as where stitch he will put up more of a fight and it is a joint effort from both of us. Anyway they were just great, the lady that has Lilo on her arm was so scared of birds (thats why I was holding the harness close) and Lilo behaved perfectly, they both loved the attention and didn't get stroppy even though they subjected to lots of fingers!! :shock:
  12. Hi Showgirl, Here are some Pic's of Lilo in an Aviator Harness which i think was pettite size - I can double check if you want me too [ And here is one of Stitch aswell
  13. Sounds good to me :wink: Luckily where they normally get in Stinging Nettles are starting to grow, I told Steve (my hubby to be) to leave them as we normally strim them down, hopefully it will help to keep them out
  14. I would agree that Lilo has definitely pushed it the most, but then she is also responsive when I tell her No. She will play me up sometimes when I try to put her back in their cage, but a very disciplined Step Up works 99% of the time. It's funny cos they know when they have done something wrong as will start playing somewhere else.......They are just like kids
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