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  1. i do hope you all had a great christmas and i wish you all a great new year
  2. please excuse all the mess lol id just moved in ( a year ago now) and then the dog decided she wanted the kitchen door down as it was in the way you carnt tell by the pictures but the door is just a frame at the bottom as she (spirit) came through it when it was closed lol
  3. hi everyone i thoungth it a good time to intriduce everyone to you to start with theres me my pics in the faces behind usernames section then theres the fella he is building something and making a mess then there my eldest daughter she is 10 going on 20 and the attitude to prove it lol and the youngest looks like butter wouldnt melt (shes a good actor) then theres the golden oldies this is cassie and shine mother a daughter and before anyone coments yes cassies has a really bad skin problem causing her to lose her fur she also has a number of other problems this is spirit shes just hit 2 years and is trying to be the boss lol and then we have coco hes the mad one and lastly there is gandolf, kc this is the best pic i can find that you can see them both lol and marly the noisey one lol i hope you all enjoyed meeting my lot why dont you introduce yours
  4. ive finished had it all done by the first of december, made sure im all ready so i havent got go out in the mad christmas rush hehe
  5. i have 1 of each a large corner cage and a large normal cage, i find that the corner cage adds security to the bird as its against 2 walls so they have a corner to hide or sleep depending on the bird where the other cages doesnt, i would say if your bird is timid then a corner cage will give him security if hes playfull then the other cage will give him plenty of room and lots of space for toys
  6. hi i have a heat lamp somewhere, it was originally made for chickens as long as your birds can move away from it as and when it pleases it would be fine
  7. we do a week before then take them down the week after,
  8. hi i have an older dog with a few problems she tends to stay in bed but she is 13/14 but she is very happy go lucky when she is up, i also have a 2 yr ild alaskan malamute i got her when she was 8 week old by 10 weeks we where in the vets she has displacia if thats how its spelt obviosly to see something so serious in such a young dog is scary, her problem is the ball in her hips is not a ball but a flat plate which was getting chipped when she was doing normal puppy young stuff, more to the point as you can imagine shes a big dog but this has not caused her a problem, now and again she does get some pain and finds it hard to pull her back end up and other times (which is more often than you would think) she is happy playing with one of my other dogs she runs jumps and is very happy go lucky, i also have a 3 legged dog she lost a back leg when she was young and it has never caused her a single problem she is now 11 yrs old and a very happy little girl on a bad day try keep him relaxed so not to cause an injury, hope this helps a little
  9. and what kinda rabbit do you want small average or large, id go for a big one cause they are laid back but the cost of a hutch for them is prity expensive, you need look for one of them rabbit rescues local to you and give them a ring see what they have got, they will (should) give you loads of advise on hutches and what rabbits are sutible for your home, alot of people make that mistake of thinking something is cute and cuddley to find a week down the line its bitten everyone i dont want put you off i love rabbits but do research the breeds just like you would a parrot, as you want to find the perfect one for your partner, outdoor rabbits need the basic things hutch run (or to be let out in the garden) bedding and you will need a hutch cover unless you are putting the hutch in a shed (protect it from the weather) hope ive helped a little bit and good luck in finding your new family member let us know how it goes
  10. that all depends on where you want the rabbit to live indoors or outdoors,
  11. i had dominos pizza last night on the 2 for tuesday deal yumyum, tonight i think i might have ermmmm beans on toast with cheese on
  12. i thought there ears where to close togther to be malies but couldnt decide lol, do they all get on well, and how old are those puppies they are just so cute i have to keep looking at them lol,
  13. wow i wish i could have a pack like that, are they all malamutes they are lovley and the pups are beautiful , makes me want another but i already got 4 dogs in my house i should reaaly introduce them on here at some point lol,
  14. hi everyone just through intrest i wounderd what everyone wanted for christmas, i couldnt believe it when my mums boyfriend said he wanted a remote control speed boat, and my mum said she wanted a tommy gun (toy with foam darts), after going in the shop they had seen these things in and having a look around i come across a horse racing game and thats what i wanted it was brill, and my other half decided he wanted a helicopter. so what do you lot want
  15. hi do i need to register to have a read ive always woundered what they are like as pets they are so cute, and whether they are good as childrens pets, just through intrest but they are cute
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