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  1. i reported seeing this bird last christmas it was living in my friends apple tree in Richmond Road. Toterdown. I also saw it yesterday down by the city farm in bedminster. Im sure its the same bird as i have seen it on several occasions. My friend put up posters last year about this bird, but know one seemed to claim it.
  2. I watched the poor owner on the news, he was nearly in tears. Very sad.
  3. Has anyone used a home pet sitting services, we may be in need one one next year and wondered if anyone had any experience of using them.
  4. ive looked at the read it swap it site and ive joined now all ive got to do is list all the books id like to swap.
  5. Its set in the 1930s in Canada, and woman kills her husband and goes on the run in the wilderness, her late husbands brutish brothers are after her, its about her survival and the people who she meets on her way
  6. Ive just read The Outlander by Gil Adamson, i saw a write up about it in a mag, so i bought it off ebay. Great book.
  7. the police have just informed me that the interview rooms are all booked up next tuesday so its been put back to the 31st march, i just want to get it sorted
  8. Thank you all for your advice, i certainly wont accept a caution for something i havent done, and will be seeking legal advice.
  9. we have complained to the police about her abuse language and they have been to see her and also the council have sent her letters about her music which she isnt playing at the moment, i believe that because the police visited her on our behalf she has to have the last word, and has made up a false allegation against me, she will probably have one of her friends to say that they were a witness to it. The police did say not to worry about it aas they deal with this all the time in neighbour disputes, and i will be formally cauntioned next week, but thats not the point i dont like being accused of something i havent done, some people know how to work the system ,which is in their favour.
  10. after having months of problems with a nuisance neighbour(loud music and verbal abuse) i have to day been visited by the police and formerly arrested and put on bail until next week accused of saying something racial to this person. I am totally gobsmacked, i have not spoken to the person for months and avoid her if i see her out. its un beleviable what some people will do
  11. When the community police spoke to her they said she seemed very paranoid. I put it down to the weed she smokes
  12. Thanks, we have logged everything with the council and the police, that is why i think she is acting this way, she was told by the police that what she said to me was an arrestable offence, and that her actions could affect her tennancy with the council. She wants to have the last word on this and as she is going to college to be a solicitor (she says) she thinks she knows it all about the law. I wouldnt mind but when she moved in a few yearas ago we bent ove backwards to help her with gardening, and she was always locking her self out and asking to climb over our garden to get in to her house.Since we backed off from helping her she turned against us, we have put up a six foot fence in the garden now. The thing is when you live in terraced houses you are in each others faces all the time. I think its time we moved on
  13. Thanks for the reply, she is a council tennant and we are private, What makes me laugh is that she can accuse me of things i havent done and she can scream abuse at me in the street and she is the one that wants to take out an injunction. She wouldnt have to pay as she is on benefits
  14. Hi iwas just wondering if there are any legal eagles on line, Im having problems with a neighbour who has insisted that i have damaged her plants and have been looking in her window, i contacted the neighbourhood police to have a chat with her, and stated that i didnt do anything to her garden or look in her windows, i told the police all i want is for her to ignore me and ilike wise i have now heard on the grapevine that she is trying to get an injunction out against me. What i would like to know is can she do this with out any proof, and what an injunction means. All this started because i had to report her to the council because of her loud music.
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