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  1. Hi, my (cag) has been loosing some feathers in the last couple of days, i cant see any bald patches though, when do cags moult he is neally 8 months old, thanks
  2. Hi, my scoobi (cag) make a noice when you scratch his head like a purring noise does this mean he likes it, does any of yours do it, kerry
  3. Hi, my scoobi is now 7 months and already says "hello" "alright" "barks" and now says "i wanna sratch" now that he has started will he pick things up more quickly, thanks kerry
  4. well i have rolled scoobie out side but up againts fence, tomorrow i will cover the top, but he really loves it out there i gave him a misting with the hose pipe as well he looked all excited.
  5. Hi, do cags like being in full sun in the garden or should they be in the shade, thanks kerry
  6. oh bless thats lovely, i cant wait but im not sure if he is old enough yet or not he barks and wolf whistles and some other whistle that my husband has taught him.
  7. Hi, can you all give me some good tips on getting my cag to start dancing, scoobi is 5 months now. thanks kerry
  8. its only about a 20 min drive then he will have the run of the house,
  9. Hi, i was wondering if it was ok to take my scoobie around my mums for a visit, can he go in a cat carrier or will it stress him, thanks kerry
  10. ok thanks i was starting to worry, im not use to having a parrot yet, thanks
  11. Hi, every now and then my baby grey stands on one leg and the other is pulled up, its not al the time just now and then is this normal for a baby grey, he is not limping or anything. kerry
  12. oh bless, scoobie wolf whistles all the time now that he can do it and he is only 4 months i surpose its easier to whistle because it is more normal for them. i was misting him this morning and he came up to me and started drinking it, so i ended up spraying it into his beak lol
  13. he has a fly every night he goes around and round now he has learnt not to crash into the walls
  14. its not like a knife it just pops out between his feathers now and then i aint really touched it yet i will look later when it his evening exercise
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