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  1. i bought him a few days ago and wasnt sure as he has the yellow but hes a very big amazon compared to my dyh,thx ruby and david for the reply
  2. hi can anyone tell me what type of amazon is he ,i think its a yellow crown but not sure
  3. i dont know y he does it ,i have him out on the stand and he still does it ,and when he is sitting next to me he stops
  4. hi ,my dyh keeps screaming and i cant get him to stop,ive tried toys and spraying him ,but he screams so much its really come to the point where i am thinking of giving him away ,he is just over 1 and is tame and talks 2 languages ,i love him so much but the screaming is really stressing me out and i think my neighbours can hear him to.
  5. green cheek conure flew away on monday ,north wales rhyl,has a ring on,answers to ziggy
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