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  1. Thanks MMM I knew you would reply so quickly
  2. Can somebody please guide me to the toy making thread? Thank
  3. Hi can someone help me I have tried to register as a new user, to enable me to have a new username, but i am unable to do so as it says email address already registered. What options do I now have? would like to change to mangosmum. Thanks Kate
  4. Thanks Abez Airing the room in this freezing weather isn't much of an option. I have 20 people for Christmas lunch so clean carpets would be nice. Maybe I'll put them in a travel cage upstairs for a couple of hours ( the parrots not the guests).
  5. Hi I'm about to clean our carpets with the Bissell deep cleaning carpet machine. Do I need to move the parrots out whilst the carpets dry? I know you can't use carpet freshners around birds is this the same? Thanks Kate
  6. Sorry Who is fg? - (can't concentrate with the kids at home) :oops: :oops:
  7. Thanks for the replys. I want a more user friendly name. I will re register but do I need to tell someone that my old username is no longer required? Many thanks Kate
  8. Can I change my user name or do I need to re register. Many thanks Kate
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