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  1. Hello everyone!!!! How are you all? Do you remember me?? 😁☺️ I’m so excited that parrot link is back online!!!! 😃🎉 X x
  2. Thank you Sam, will pm you we took pidgee to a prospective new home on Saturday but ended up coming home with her again! We love her so much even though she stresses us out! But the lady who we nearly rehomed her wih gave us lots of useful advice which we are going to follow and hope it helps and means we can keep her, if not we may look into finding someone to foster her for a couple of years, as this lady suggested. Xx
  3. Thank you Roz, I did see your reply sooner but couldn't log in for some reason, managed to reset my password now. Thanks for the info x
  4. we need to find Pidgee a new forever home. can anyone help? We will be extremly sad to say goodbye and will only let her go once we have satisfied ourselves completely that the new owner can give her a better life than us, but with two children now we just feel we can't give her the attention she needs and life has become too stressful trying to keep the children and Pidgee happy and trying to keep the house clean with two children under two as well as Pidgee. Pidgee needs to go to someone without children or with much older children perhaps. And it needs to be local so we can visit them and get to know them and satisfy ourselves that they can give Pidgee the love and attention she needs and deserves. Does anyone have any advice as to how to find Pidgee the perfect new forever home please..?
  5. Pidgee is acting odd, looks frightened whenever we get her out even though we've moved into my father in law's house where she's been loads of times and she's always loved it here in the past.. Every time we get her out she put's her wings out and twitches them as if she wants to take off and fly far far away and screams and flays around from room to room all unsettled and agitated. She's been over here loads and loads of times and had always seemed happier here than at our old house and now we've moved here she seems to have gone crazy. In our flat we have moved from she had been sleeping in the en suite bathroom and going in there for naps instead of a cage and now we are here we have got her cage out again and she is in that in a bedroom downstairs and seems happy in there but whenever we get her out she goes crazy. Any advice please?
  6. Pidgee loves chewing up catalogues, into millions of tiny pieces, she is a very effective shredder! So that's a good free toy and doesn't even involve any making! The catalogues turn up frequently from all the clothes shops we must have inadvertantly subscribed to! I guess there may be a concern with whether the inks the catalogues are printed with are safe..? But I only just thought of that after reading all the useful safety advice above, and Pidgee doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects.. so hopefuly it's ok.. :/
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies, really helpful advice and thoughts We curently live in a small 2 bedroom flat so not sure if that warrants the use of extra air purifiers? I can't remmeber how many square feet the one we have is meant to cover but I think I remember thinking it should be enough for our flat.. We have it in our open plan living area. Pidgee doesn't have a cage anymore, just has a free run of the flat.. at the moment she is broody in a school style locker in our hallway and has been broody for months.. when she wasn't broody she slept in our ensuite bathroom when she wanted a nap or at bedtime and would play / chew her toys in the locker that she is now nesting in.. The newborn baby will sleep in our bedroom with us and Arrietty's bedroom is the next room along the hall from our living room, do you think we should get air purifiers for each of the two bedrooms?
  8. We have had Pidgee for about 8 and a half years now and last year we had our first human baby, Arrietty, and all has been fine, Arrietty is now 15 months old and loves Pidgee and Pidgee tolerates her, mostly, and Arrietty gets the hint when Pidgee isn't in the mood..! Our nephew, Jago who is nearly 4 years old came to stay a few months ago and had a serious asthma attack in the night and his parents had to call 999. The doctors said it was caused by parrot dust. They said as he had eczema as a baby he was more prone to develop asthma as a child. Arrietty has also had eczema as a baby and so we are worried that she could develop asthma as well. My nephew was sleeping in a bed and was able to go and find his mum and dad and tell them (inbetween gasping for breath) what the problem was and we worry about what could happen if the same thing was to happen to Arrietty and she was in her cot or just not as old as Jago and so not able to think about coming to wake us up and warn us.. Also we are expecting our second human baby in the next few weeks, due 21st December, and so are concerned after what happened to Jago about how the parrot dust could affect the newborn baby's lungs/respiritory system if he/she happened to be allergic to parrot dust. Before Arrietty was born we bought an air purifier (Heaven Fresh Intelli-Pro Air Purifier XJ-3800) which we sometimes remember to turn on.. I don't know how affective it is. But that was before the astham attack that Jago had so we weren't as concerned then as we are now.. We thought about rehoming Pidgee as we are also busier than we used to be with looking after Arrietty and with our second baby on the way we thought maybe we could find someone for Pidgee to live with who has more time for her and isn't as stressed as we are sometimes and of course when the new baby comes along we're likely to be very stressed for a few weeks / months.. But the thought of rehoming Pidgee turns us both into emotional recks, sobbing like babies, snot and tears everywhere.. so I'm not sure if we could go through with it unless we were sure the risk to the babies' health was a real concern and not something the doctors just made up to tell Jago's parents just so they had something to blame for his asthma attack... So we were just wondering, does anybody know how dangerous, if at all, is parrot dust to a new born baby human or to a young human with a parrot allergy or with asthma..? And what should we do? Obviously we want Pidgee to be happy and we want our babies to be happy and safe and not put at risk.. If we were going to rehome Pidgee I don't think we could do it while she's broody because it would seem cruel to take her away from her nest she's chosen.. unless of course the risk to the babies was so great that we had to..
  9. UPDATE: Pidgee is STILL sitting on her eggs, there are now 4 eggs.. So it's getting on for two months now.. should we let her continue to sit/lay as long as she wants or should we see if we could discourage her by removing the eggs or something..? Worried that she'll start to waste away with all this lazing about..?!
  10. Hello MadMudMob!!!!!!!!!!! long time no see!!! It's good to hear from you! How are you? Do you remember me? That is sad that the forum is quieter
  11. Thank you very much for your reply! Pidgee doesn't live in a cage, she lives in our flat with us and has a free run/fly of the place she usually goes to bed in our ensuite bathroom, that is kind of like her cage, she sees it as her safe place, but she does usually spend a lot of time playing in her play box / locker chewing paper, or snoozing on the door of the locker. But then the last week or so she has been sitting in there right at the back all the time except coming out to poo, eat and drink and so the last few nights we have let her sleep in there at night too as it seemed mean to take her out and put her in the bathroom if she wanted to be sitting on what we were calling her 'imaginary eggs' but now we know there is an actual egg!
  12. I haven't been on here for a while and posted in the help section earlier this morning and was surprised that there haven't been any replies yet as when I used to post a few years ago replies would come flooding in thick and fast especially on a sunday, so I was just wondering, where is everyone? Is there a facebook group or page that everyone has migrated to? I have always found this forum extremely useful whenever we've needed help with Pidgee so it would be a shame to lose this valuable resourse.
  13. Hello everyone long time no speak! Pidgee has been acting rather peculiar for a while now, it started most notably about a week ago - she was regularly crouching under a new dangling rope toy letting it tickle her back and squeaking for up for half an hour at a time, then she went into her playbox (which is the top locker of a stack of lockers we have in our hall which has cardboard and paper and wood in it for her to chew and a cardboard box at the front at the moment) and started to spend A LOT of time in there and we realised that she was spending all day in there only coming out very briefly and rarely to eat, poo and drink.. so we realised she was broody! And my husband just felt around at the back of her play box and found an egg which she has been sitting on!!!!!!!!!! So sweet but also makes us sad and worry how she will react when it doesn't hatch She knoweth not a man....!! :/ she hasn't ever seen another parrot since she was hatched and was with her brothers/sisters. She will be 9 years old on the 1st January and we have had her since she was about 4 and a half months old. I did try searching for 'egg' on the forum search but it said you can only search for words that are more than 4 characters long! Please does anybody have any advice on what to expect, how we can best support Pidgee during this time and does anybody know if she will be very upset when the egg doesn't hatch a chick? Thanks
  14. oh, and worth mentioning - the tree we found her in we had already walked right under at about 4.45am and at least once the evening before too, and she must have been able to hear us calling her from the windows of our flat form there too.. So I guess maybe she was just too tired to respnd/come to us until the time she did, which was at about 6am.
  15. How she escaped: Stupid classic 'kick yourself forever' mistake of leaving the bedroom window open in the morning (we have the window open at night as we get hot sleeping, especially now i'm pregnant) and it was just wide enough for a parrot and I didn't put her in her cage when I went out cos she didn't want to go in her cage and I didn't have the heart to force her because I always feel bad leaving her when I go out - so left her to fly free round the flat. Our neighbours were in the car park talking about an hour or so after i'd gone out and she must have heard them and cos she would have been bored and lonely and loves people she would have slipped out the window thinking she'd go and say hello.. Then we assume, as this is what happened last time she escaped, she would have thought 'ooooo freedom!! this is fun!!' and gone for a fast fly round in the sky, got tired - or could have got spooked by something (last time it was magpies chased her) and flew off.. How we found her: Almost identical to last time (how stupid are we losing our precious baby bird twice ) We searched and walked and called and whistled and listened all afternoon and evening as soon as I got home and discovered her missing. First on foot then Joe went out on his bike and covered every road in town. Joe's dad stayed in the flat in case she flew home, we left all the windows wide open so she could fly straight in if she was near and recognised the building, also we played her favourite song which she dances and sings to loudly on repeat and got Joe's dad (who she loves) to call out the window to her every so often. It got dark and we hadn't found her so we cried and we cried and we cried and felt as though our world had been emptied, the house was so still and quiet and everything reminded us of her and how much we missed her already and how we couldn't bare to be apart from her - she is our everything and we love her more than words can say.. Needless to say we only slept about 1-2 hours all night long and as soon as the dawn chorus started and just before the sun rose we got up and started searching again. We left the house at 4.40am and searched every tree within about a 3 mile radius (because last time we found her in a tree and she likes to be up high). We called, we whisted we listened and walked and walked calling, whisting and listening constantly and just as we were thinking it was hopeless we heard her scream!!!!! I said 'THAT WAS PIDGEE!' and Joe said 'YES!' so we walked towards the scream calling louder and with more purpose and then we heard her 'kiss, kiss kiss' noise and were overjoyed, then saw her fly over the house we were looking at and circle above our heads - we were too close for her to come down to and the area was a housing estate so built up and quite a few trees too so she couldn't get down to us and we couldn't get far enough away to give her 'descent time' so she had to fly back to the tree she came from and as she tried to land in in she went out of sight again I carried on calling and Joe ran around the other side of the house to get to the tree she'd flown to - which involved going down the road, up another road, rolling under the gate of a primary school and into the school nature reserve - which just next to our flat! The tree she was in is only about 150-200m from our home! Joe called me and said he could see her but she seemed too tired to come down so I ran round and joined him (and rolling under the gate to a primary school is extra tricky when you're nearly 6 months pregnant!) when I got to him he pointed Pidgee out to me and as soon as she saw me she said 's'miaws' which sounds like 'smells' and is what she calls me I exclaimed 'Pidgee!!!!!!' in a very happy excited emphatic way and called her 'Pidgee!!! Come on precious!!' and she immediately tried to fly down to me - we made sure we stood a few metres away from the tree she was in so she had room to descend but there were other trees and branches in the way so the first time she tried to fly to me she had to give up and land in a different tree. Joe said before I got there two squirrels had run past her on the branch she was on and she didn't even flinch!! And she had been preening as he stood there calling to her! I don't know why she prefers to fly to me than Joe, it was the same last time. Joe is her favourite person but she loves me too and he thinks maybe it's my voice is more emphatic with more tones, more excitement or something that makes her want to come straight to me.. whatever the reason I am very thankful The second attempt she managed to fly around the other trees and branches and land on my hand which I had outstretched the whole time waiting for her so she could see clearly where she was trying to land on me. I grabbed hold of her feet and toes and kept a tight grip even though she has never liked having her feet held she is used to it cos i try and do it regularly as it's useful to get her to tollerate it. We walked home telling her how happy we were to see her and how much we loved her, and then when we got to the school gate I put her up my jumper, much to her annoyance and held her under there while i lay on my back and shimmied under the school gate! I managed to keep her there the rest of the walk home with just her head poking out and her biting the teeth off the zip on my half zip fleece - I think this gave her something to focus on and kept her distracted from trying to wriggle free from my jumper. She is very very sleepy and was very hungry but she is becoming more of her usual self as the day goes on, just giving her lots of time to snooze hoping she'll feel better when she's rested. She definitely seems happy to be home, she did an excited happy whistle as we walked up the stairs to our flat, as if to say 'home sweet home' So there you are, that's the whole story..! I thought better too much detail than not enough in case it helps anybody else find a lost precious parrot. Thank you for reading x x x
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