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  1. As many of you know I am not a frequent poster.....though I have a look see everyday...with sadness I read about abez, was shocked at bfek leaving too, was sorry for many as they suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, have smiled at some jokes,The one thing that keeps me sane is the hope that things can only get better,.Chloe (cag) who was a "mans " bird I think has climbed the last hill.....For the last two weeks she has been "Stepping Up" on to my arm and sharing apple,banana,walnut,etc with me, She also lets me stroke her right down her back and over her wings and makes this cute cheerp noise which fingers crossed is good. She now accepts any new toys without freaking and in fact usually tries to play with them before I can get em hung up and as for food WOW she will try anything I am eating (Anyone like brussel sprouts...yuck)..She can fly with accuracy now and all her flight feathers are whole and she is building up her muscles steadily.She is in the correct weight range for her size and she hasnt lunged at anyone in months...She I think is finally as happy as any caged bird can be and though I was not keen at first I am glad for her sake that ex left her with me(he had got bored of her within weeks of buying her and she hated me on sight hence the chunks she took out of me)... But when I can afford a friend for her I will again go for a grown up not a baby and maybe I will be able to help another bird with similar issues,,,So to bfek,,,abez,,chloes mum,,pottys mum,,,MMM,,and all the rest that helped me last year A BIG HUG from me and a big KISSY (yes she blows kisses now) from Chloe....Take care and I will post again someday......
  2. thanks to all..........i am sure in time i will be able to do more for and with her.........given the difference in her now i am thinking about possibly in the future getting a birdy companion for her though i havent decided what kind or when.............oh and something i forgot to mention...she can fly now so her flight muscles are improving which is wonderful....no more crashing lol...she even flies from the living room to the kitchen which is round a corner and lands on a work surface usually to check on me doing her breakfast lol i think shes checking i dont add anything new without her knowledge......................
  3. ok so a little longer than a year.............. I dont post often but i check the site daily.............for those who remember chloe is doing well .........for those who dont know a quick update........ chloe is an african grey who came to live with me june last year,she was not cuddly or tame...lol in fact she thought i was something to be bitten hard ! ! !........Much advice was given and it was exellent....1 year later she likes me enough that i can stroke her without abject terror ....... she now eats lots of different veg and some fruit......she has regrown all her feathers minus a few round her neck.........she is even learning to step up without too many nips something i thought she would never do lol.......weather it is just through time and patience or due to the fact my partner left and so she only has me around all the time i dont know lol...she now loves to play which is wonderful even though i have to replace them frequently.........she even allows my seven year old daughter to stroke her...............what more can i say i believe she is happy( if the destruction,whistles,food throwing are any indication then she is delirious lol )...and she has picked up a few new words she likes to shout my dogs then tells them to "stop it" and "every body outski " so i have to let them out....she tells me "bedtime" when she wants to sleep.......and even says "night night"...............so a big cyber hug to all .................and it will probably be another 6 months before i post again...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. omg i cant believe chloe has lived here for over 6 months......it seems soooo much longer lol.......she is doing well though she still bites occasionaly she is now playing with toys whoooooo and her diet is coming along wonderfully i have found the trick to use with her is to let her steal the fruit or veg off me then she will eventually try it...she no longer eats a diet consisting of sunflowers and she loves walnuts,,,,she has regained the ability of flight and her confidence is growing almost daily now....she is a wonderful companion even when she tries to eat the sofa in her rush to get her very small weak decaffinated spoonful of tea,I havent as yet trained myself to hide my drinks from her so that is why she gets her own lol......she blows kisses to me now so maybe she has decided women are not all bad.....sadly she still snipps her feathers though not to the degree she once did and boy oh boy has she found her voice.....i have even had to buy dairy free ice cream she seems intent on eating everything she is not supposed to have and finding good alternatives is not always easy,,,,still trying to convince her not to poop on everything (thank goodness for leather and wood floors) but i really think she is winning that particular game.....so it will probably be another 6 months before i post again cause between chloe and the shopping for chloe i dont seem to have that much spare time...And yes my children and dogs still get fed and watered,walked and bathed and i even manage the odd bedtime story lol..........so bye for now and a huge THANK YOU to all who helped me in the first few weeks of my very steep learning curve (even though i had read lots of books lol)
  5. you dont say how old your daughter is but i have two six year olds...Your cag has been through a lot of changes and they dont like any sudden or unexpected moves/noises,my children have been taught to move slowly and carefully around my cag and after four months she mostly ignores the kids....I would like to say though my son wears glasses which he has to remove if he wants to pet my cag as she freaks out when anyone approaches her with glasses on lol may be a hang up from her previous home,,,...
  6. Well kind of lol I ended up leaving the comp and had a think about it .Searched email tried again and finally got new password notification then followed instructions lol dont know why I was not getting emails before but hey it all worked out in the end .............
  7. Just thought i would say thank you for the help the other day i couldnt post on the forum as i was redirected to log in page every time i clicked a subject.....Obviously i finally sorted the problem out ...........I can now spend tomorrow catching all the threads ive missed
  8. Finally found something healthy for my cag chloe to eat,sample packs a great idea,I got to try 5 different foods with her and found two she likes and the parrot premium wow she dashed from the other side of the cage to get at it lol..now if only i could convince her to love me as much id be a happy camper...THANK YOU !!!!!!!! great to see her finally off the dreaded sunflower junk they sell in most pet shops.....
  9. after numerous bites from chloe i have finally got my own back nothing awful just put her in her new cage,, hahahahaha she is a bit shell shocked but is still talking,well to herself anyway..ill add some pics so everyone can see how lost she looks...hopefuly this will help her to trust me in the long run...after all bigger is better right?
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