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  1. Dear All, I would like to thank you all for your help and advice, sadly i can not take pics now as we lost the chick this afternoon. I purchased these 2 from an old guy who breeds them but knows nothing and they were in a very poor environment. He lets people buy them at any age for cash so they can rear them. He said and i quote 'they pay for my seed for the year'. I had to take them at any cost!!!!! The chick was rushed to the vet today because apart from the leg issues it kept throwing its head and neck hard to one side and appeared stuck for a short period (as if it was a spasm) The chick died within 30 min and the vet said it was either neurological like stroke or fit? not too sure, but as i said the other chick is fine and hungry and full of life. I'm so gutted!!!!
  2. They are both sat on paper roll, the containers are not large enough for them to walk around in. I meant one bird has the ability to walk around the other does not. Not quite sure about spayed legs?? it can use its legs if i support its body and can grip with its toes just appears along way behind the other chick. Does that help?
  3. I have 2 cag chicks in brooder at between 4-5 weeks old. One is stood tall and strong, able to walk around. The other is layed flat on its front flapping its wings like mad! is this normal at this age and should the latter be up on its feet by now? Any advice welcome / do i worry too much?
  4. That is fantastic info you guys! ill take my chances and let nature do the job till 14 days. I do have one more Q though i have 2 chicks in brooder between 4-5 week old. One is stood tall and walks around very nosey, yet the other is flapping its wings like mad but still layed on its belly/crop and does not have the ability to stand at all!!!! Can this be normal at this age or do i have a problem? thank you guys.
  5. It was the pevious owner that advised me to take the 3rd out! as this is what they do. So no real history of wether they can/have reared 3 chicks. worried to death now!!!! I dont want to do the wrong thing and harm them!! and dont mind getting up all night to feed if i have too.
  6. I have a tlc-4 with 2 african grey chicks in at 5 week old - temp 28.5 I currently have new born baby greys hatching as we speak and have been advised to pull out the oldest of the new 3 chicks as greys tend to be good at rearing only two. What temp would a new born chick need initially? and any comments or advice on this is welcome. Does anyone else pull the 3rd chick to help mum with the other two? every ones opinion welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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