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  1. WELL DONE. How happy you must be to see her feathers growing back like that & so quickly. She is obviously settled and feels safe with you. Have just caught up with this post and when I saw the first piccies of her they brought tears to my eyes but then when I saw this last one I got even more emotional with happiness and I jumped with joy for you. I felt so happy, I can only imagine how pleased you must be. Keep up the good work - she was obviously meant to be with you.
  2. Merlin has the MacDonalds tune off to perfection - mind you it gets really annoying after he's whistled it and both my husband & son the 'I'm Loving it' part :? Talk about encouraging him!!!
  3. For our African Grey, I got a travel cage from a company called Hatch It Incubators who sell on E-bay, it is metal and has a perch & 2 feed pots with a separate tray under the bottom so it keeps cleaner during travelling. We used to have one of those pet carriers for cats but he hated it and travelled really badly in it but we recently took him to the vets in this new one and he loved it. He could see everything and loved to be able to sit on the perch.
  4. Chloes Mum, it was with a very sad heart that I read this, I was in tears yesterday reading your previous thread and agreed with you 100% on how you wanted to handle everything with Phoebe, only you could know how best to deal with it. At a time like this words can't really heal anything but just know that we are all thinking of you. She was so lucky to have been loved and cared for by you and your family. Take care.
  5. Fingers crossed that all went well for you. Thinking of you and Max (not forgetting Lulu of course).
  6. How kind of you Jem to help James out. Thank you - it really made my heart skip a beat when I opened this topic up and saw those photos. It looked like it was only a matter of time before he did himself some serious damage. Hopefully the next photo of him should be happier. It just goes to show how great this forum is & how people can help each other. Well done.
  7. Hi, have been away on holiday (now been back for just over a week). Merlin our African Grey went to a lovely lady locally who boards parrots. He stayed with her for 2 weeks and was well looked after. He is 11 months old but since he has come back he screams alot! He never did before he went but he was in a room with a toucan, a couple of other greys and a couple of macaws so we're not sure whether he is mimicking something he heard from one of those but we have found whenever we leave the room he screams out loud. I'm hoping that he will 'grow out of it' but just wanted to know if this is a common problem. He is just as loving and still tries to test the boundaries so apart from the screaming he is much the same as before. Is he doing this as he misses the company of the other birds or is it just attention seeking?
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