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  1. Caique do not get on with other species, I would get another caique; at a push one of the conures like a sun conure or a jenday;
  2. hope you will get your babies back soon
  3. Love the name Mordicchio, post some pictures of him please
  4. Hi Rory, I live in Streatham and I have a BHCaique, she's 7 yrs old; lets pm privately and we take it from there; are yours tamed and can they be handled?
  5. Hi What do you mean? you can sex parrotlets from few weeks of old. I sold my hens at two months old all green. Male have blue rump and blue primaries; yellow face parrotlets are more diffic as both male and females show blue
  6. Hi was a male or a female the parrotlet you bred? I have 6 spectacled babies 4 weeks old all females can you believe it? Maurizio
  7. Hi Martyn How's Pablo doing? Is he still nippy and have the feathers grow back?
  8. Hi Just read the old topic, what a story; In this week's Cage & Aviary paper there is an article on Caiques and Rosemary Low says that Caiques are one of the few parrots which do not mind having their wings clipped as they are playful by nature and would walk, strott along. Have his feathers grow back ok? I too have a Caique, she's 3 yrs old and would never clip her wings. When she misbehave she goes straight back into her cage.. I wish you and birdie a very happy New Year
  9. I thought Junglegold was a good choice, only 2% ?
  10. not at all, luckily I do not need a vet. I find it extortionate the prices they charge, that's all.
  11. Where is John Chitty based? Is he cheaper than Chris Hall ?:wink:
  12. Of course I would take mine to the vet if she was not well but as she's in very good health, I trim her claws and beak, I weigh her weekly, I only buy high quality food, I sprout seeds daily etc etc I feel that this time I will give it a miss. I also have a dog and two cats and they are checked regularly;
  13. Mine too. I have just received a letter reminding me of the yearly check up but quite frankly I cannot afford the £ 150- £ 200 Do you take yours for check ups every year?
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