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  1. hi everybody,it has been more than 7 and half years since my Bubbles (african grey parrot) disappered.i've never forgetten him.whenever i think of him i cry .i wish i just knew what happened to him.i hope somebody got him and love him as much as i do.Wherever he is i hope he is very happy.
  2. This is the longer version for those that enjoyed the first video.
  3. hi everybody, I am so pleased that you all liked Bonnie's video.He will be 3 years old end of this month.I think he is very cute as well. Hi Fuzz,Yes .We have 2 budgies (Pip and Bobby ).Pip's feathers (white one ) are so soft and unusual more like a fur coat which does make it difficult for him to fly. Bonnie often visits them and eats their food. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8ThU82GxhU
  4. ..... preferes to eat the ball rather than kick it
  5. hi Bonnie enjoys having one or two tea spoon Alpro soya yogurt nearly everyday.If he sees me having it or in the fridge he goes mad .I just want to know if this is ok.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Your right it would be too much stress for him so would be unfair to put hin through that so will leave him at home. Thanks again
  7. Hi Going to visit my family in Turkey for about a month, so would like to take Bonnie with me. How do I go about taking him with me and of course bringing him back. Have tried doing a google search but couldn't find much info. Any advice welcome Thanks
  8. Followed your lead and just ordered 2 X 1kg bags Many thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for the replies Have googled it and looks good. Only reservation I have is that the postage costs twice that of the product Is it only available at junglegold,com or are pet shops likely to stock it?
  10. Hi everybody. Recently re-homed a 2 year old Senegal parrot. I feed him with as lots of fresh vegetables, pulses, fruit, nuts and occasional chicken wing, all of which he enjoys. I also give him a small amount of mixed parrot food to add variety and to provide any vitamins / minerals that may be otherwise missing. Current supply is getting low so need to get some more. Only looking for small 1 or 2 kg bags and cost is not a problem. So would like to ask your advice on what is the best quality mix/brand suitable for him and where best to get it? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply. Will give that a try
  12. Hi Hoping someone can offer some advice regarding our Senegal parrot (Bonnie). He is just over 2 years old. We got him about 6 months ago as his owner at the time felt he could not give him the attention he deserved. He was very friendly and would readily come and sit/play with either myself or my husband. He would nip a bit but nothing nasty. Over time he has formed a strong bond with me and I can do anything I like with him. The problem we are having with him is biting, and when I say biting I mean really hard biting not just a nip. He can be sitting on my shoulder/arm/hand being really loving then out of blue he will bite me for no reason, whether my husband is in the room or not . The worst though is the way he attacks my husband. He can be sitting on the settee/chair when Bonnie will fly at his face or land on the chair and attack his head and ears, from behind. If my husband gets him on his arm then Bonnie will run down his sleeve so that he can bite his flesh rather than his sleeve. When he does bite like this it’s not a quick bite but he bites then holds on as long as he can literally taking lumps out of his skin. Strangely though although most of the time he will attack my husband they are times when he will fly to him and sit quite happily with him. If for example when I come home from being out for a while he will sit on my husbands shoulder, squawking a bit, while he waits for me to get changed etc. Thanks for reading and look forward to any advice
  13. I'VE FOUND THIS ADVERT ONE OF LOST AND FOUND WEB SITE-SUNA Location: Kingston in SURREY Please help us find our pet Parrot called Adolf. African grey (a bit bigger than your average pidgeon). Grey in colour with a red tail and a ring on his right leg. Missing in Kingston since May 21st. Quite shy with strangers. possible sighting in walton on thames on May 27th. Responds well to "relax", "stay", "where are you". Much loved and sadly missed by his family £100+ Reward Offered. Call us on 0208 549 6566, or 07812681310 (Nicola) or Justin on 07505145810. email: nicolasrice@hotmail.com Thank- you so much for any help you can offer.(I'VE FOUND THIS ADVERD ONE OF LOST AND FOUND WEB SITE-SUNA)
  14. Spotted a Blue RingNeck Parakeet in a Cheery tree in Pams Way Ewell. It has a blue ring on his left leg. The colouring is Blushish/Grey It was first spotted 31st May 2008. If you or anyone you know has lost a Blue RingNeck Parakeet in the Ewell area please PM me for further details.
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