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  1. Mealy Amazon hen still at large. Was thanking John Hayward and others for their help and advice in previous post. Unfortunately still at large with no positive sightings.
  2. John Hayward did respond to my email as I've just spotted in the Cage & Aviary Birds magazine under birds lost for current week. Thanks John and to everyone for your help.
  3. There have been no sightings only a suspected one. There are too many orchards arround me with plenty of fruit on the floor. Also had very high winds for the last two weeks so the bird could be anywhere. Sent John Hayward a email a couple of weeks back but did not get any response from him. Have two cock Mealy Amazons calling out but no response from hen bird. Have informed a lot of people locally and has been advertised in press. In 50 years of breeding parrots this is only 6th escapee and have only ever successfully recovered two so don't hold out much hope of recovery. Thank you all for your help and concerns over escapee.
  4. Escaped Yellow Crowned Mealy Amazon HEN bird. This bird escaped from my aviary on 23rd Nov located in Wisbech St Mary - North Cambridgeshire. Had only bought this bird the week before to be paired to a lonely cock bird for breeding. This bird had been caged in the house for previous owner but I would not consider it very tame. Have notified press and local rescue people and now trying some Internet coverage to see if anyone has seen or managed to capture it. Am offering a reward for safe return. Possible sighting in Elm near Wisbech.
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