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  1. I haven't posted in a long time but read this and thought it might help you if I answered. I have had two birds that have been affected with HMP (HEAVY METAL POISONING) The first a lutino Parrotlet I found in the bottom of his cage one evening when I came home from work. When I picked him up his feet were clenched and he seemed to have no control over his legs no grip and they would keep giving away. I then rushed him to my then vet who said that he had bruised his leg and had maybe damaged the tendon and suggested an operation. he had some meds and I took him home as these birds dont always survive the operation, next day he was fine so I left it at that. A couple of weeks later it happened again same symptoms clenched feet and lack of control, I couldn't get to my vet so rang Neil Forbes and went and seen him, we had a chat he examined the Parrotlet and said that he thought it was HMP he was given the antidote and was up within seconds of having this. It turned out that they were chewing the window frame and this is where the HMP came from. this was 18 months ago. This year I breed my own Parrotlet named Pickle a lovely little chap, I made sure at this point that none of my birds went near the windows, but on Tuesday the 12 may Pickle went into the window for all of a second or two and chewed the frame, I got him out of there and checked his beak to make sure he had nothing in there, the next morning he was fine so though nothing more of it, until I got home that night. He was in his seed bowl feet clenched with no control. I rushed him to swindon where they wanted him to stay in the night, he didnt make the night in fact he had died even before I had got home, they didn't even have time to give him the antidote. If I can offer you any advice it would be to STOP your birds chewing the paint work, another member from my forum also lost one of her birds due to paintwork a few months ago he also had HMP. The antidote works by binding with the poison so that it can not be absorbed into the blood stream, but the best antidote is to not let them chew the paintwork. Kev
  2. do we have to be paying members to access that part of the shop ?
  3. hi jems-g yes thats correct Jake died and its on this forum some where, choles mum was a great help to me that was 2006, pip died 2007. Jake died for no apparent reason after being ill for one day.
  4. to be honest I do not read the emails, its already set up on the forums we cannot take this out, its something that you learn to not to press, i have had three there in the last 6 months i suppose, and then one appeared yesterday between those two members. pm = private message these can not be read by anyone. It seems that most people on here have missed the point of my first post, i was not disputing the parrots that died, or what they died of or where they were bought I was upset that two people from this forum (which I have said I have great respect for) had came over to mine for JUST one reason and one reason only to start talking about the shop in question, they knew we were linked to the shop (by link I mean on the website nothing more) and thought it would be good to "get us talking"
  5. I was not going to reply to this thread but it seems that i should, first of all yes my calling them low life's might be a bit much and have apologized to "doodie,glenyskin,and scott" who is all same person. Yes I do have a parrot forum on the Parrotlets site but we are mainly, as the title says a Parrotlet forum, and yes we do welcome anyone to join as you were both welcomed,doodie and dickbirds mum. But when two people join within three minutes of one another and straight away start talking about the same thing, it looked odd and suspicious which is why i checked you out. I have had dealings with Wildheart although not always under that name for the last three years and i have never had a problem with them and i also always recommended them when people are on my site looking for baby Parrotlets in the uk. So why shouldn't I be defensive about them, I am sure that if someone you knew was being talked about like this you would all have something to say about it. As i have already said to you "doodie,glenyskin,and scott" speak to them about it. Hi fratsax: because we recommend them as parrotlet breeders through our forum, and nobody has come back saying their birds are ill or have died. We probably have 15 or more active and non active members who have bought from them. We have tried to find other breeders as well as them in the rest of the country that can supply hand reared Parrotlets, but there does not seem to be that many. As i do not know enough about PBFD I cannot comment on it. Hi jems-g: I think you are referring to me, yes I bought a Parrotlet from them after mine died, Pip the bird in question died from flying into a wall. And yes I was also given a pair of lutino Parrotlets, these were bonded birds who nobody wanted to buy as a pair and those that were interested were put off by the red eyes. As a side note to doodie and dickbirds mum, QUOTE: "yes you got us talking". admin can read emails
  6. Well I have bought parrotlets from there and not had a problem, but what I really hate is when two people come onto my forum from this forum, pretend they are strangers and start talking about pfdb with hints at a certain shop but NO proof. If you haven't got the guts to use the same user names here how can i take you seriously, to me you are just low life's. MMM I have great respect for this forum and what you all do, but to have members that do this sort of thing, you dont need them!!
  7. heres a link to Just Budgies where one of the members had Twin budgies http://z14.invisionfree.com/justbudgies/index.php?showtopic=4556
  8. how long until the new shop opens David ? as i have still not received the parakeet soak mix from my last order on 26/01/2008
  9. I know i haven't posted for a while but I have to say I couldn't get into my normal vets a couple of weeks ago so I rang GWR and got in straight away, I found Neil to be very thorough with the exam and hes tells you everything you need to know, every possible thing that could be wrong with your bird and then what he thinks the problem is. One of my parrotlets was paralized its legs were stiff and its claws clenched, and the poor bird when its legs relaxed it couldn't grip. Neil suggested that the most likely thing was heavy metal poisoning the second thing could be an infection in the birds spine. So she had Antidote for H.M.P, an Antibiotic, and a painkiller injection he then gave me baytril and metacam to give her for the next five days. Total cost was ....£48.00. Can you guess who my vet is now ? ps After Neil talking and asking me questions it all of a sudden came to me that sugar had been chipping paint off the window frame, its a very old house with old paint under the new, this is where he thought the poisoning had come from. kev
  10. If your interested in genetics and colour mutations this link is quite good, this refers to parrotlets and budgies. http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/kbush/pletgenetics.htm
  11. Hi David received order 1469 great stuff as normal kev
  12. hi jem lots of forums are reporting at the moment, some items have already been removed just not the wings and tails thanks MM
  13. hello just thought i would show you all this, if everyone could report all these items to get this person to remove their items. sorry if this has already been posted. kev http://shrunklink.com/?una (= ebay item) Always happy to shrink long links (MadMudMob)
  14. great videos heres my favourite oliver http://www.jillwlang.com/videos.htm
  15. thanks for the replys, i have emailed susan and she has said that quite a few people from the uk have done the course, its a year waiting list to get on the course though Hi Chloes mum, iam ok, still miss him though!, i have got myself another parrotlet called Pip and i have two more coming these are Jakes brothers. i have seen your video and i have read a lot of your threads about poppy and charlie, iam so glad that you found these birds that you will be able to love as much as choloe. kev
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