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  1. how cute its lovely to see ruby doing so well gill
  2. jess im glad that you have put ruby on to show everyone im happy that it worked out for you after all the trouble you had ruby is a little stunner talk to you soon gill
  3. thanks cleo and jess for the support as you know i try to help were i can gill
  4. its definatley a dusky cross with one of the rainbows nice bird lovely colours
  5. so sad they never look ill and go without warning hope you feel better soon
  6. that price is way too much i have the only lory website in the uk 250 to 275 is more like it gill
  7. im glad to see you are enjoying your lory i love mine but the mess puts most people off give him some toys for the floor of his cage mine love em
  8. i will keep my ears open over people selling them in the merseyside area as you know i keep lories so i may hear something
  9. tooie


    i breed lorys and have a pet yellow streaked in the house i just thicken his food and the mess is not so bad but they are still messy they need to be kept somewere you an mop or clean easily other than that they are a joy to keep and very affectionate
  10. hi vikky i would use paving slabs that can be washed down they are messy little souls gill
  11. they are lovely birds i love my lories i find them funny and very loveable your pics are great
  12. tooie


    and thank you im very proud of my babies lorikeets are wonderfull they are playfull and all my aiviary ones are very steady its just a shame more people dont keep them gill
  13. tooie


    yes i think so i cant find it anywere
  14. tooie


    does anyone have a copy of the poem its mine ive lost mine and would like to put a copy up in my birdroom gill
  15. its daft they only go were the food is they are ok making tourists pay to feed them in sydney
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