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  1. i saw a falconry event advertised today that is sponsered by birds direct uk till then never heard of them
  2. never heard of one in dec they normally have them in march jue and the big one in oct last year was as good as year before
  3. it is on sunday 11th oct once again i will be there with erich and all his cameras
  4. moncaster supply wire in all sizes and strengths if you can wait till october and pick it up at stafford it makes a hell of a difference on price
  5. the point about the hand reared being breeders can understand this but most of these hand reared birds were marked creche reared not cuddly tame
  6. i saw the birds that you saw and although they do not look pairs do preen each other and make nests out of the feathers in terms of seperate them if overpreening these birds are bonded and i would not remove them as then they would pine for each other greys bond or life
  7. were back the stall was good it was strange seeing it from the different side there were some nice birds there
  8. hence why i moved opposite my parents can look after kids and birds at same time lol
  9. ok these were taken tonight it is myself in the middle laura my partner on the left and di erics partner on the right the banner will be above the tables and we will have the jumpers on ps if the link does not work can mmm or little als mum please fix it for me
  10. you will see eric and myself as we will have jumpers on with the nest box cameras bit printed on them lol
  11. i will know tonight if the swing feeders are going to make it there or not if they dont then they will be available shortly after the show
  12. indeed i will be there with eric
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