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  1. from personal experience ..id not touch with a bargepole after 1 dead bird and another that never materialised .. very nice when selling and if all is hunky dory but something goes wrong totally different attitude .. mind u can only speak of one of the propieters
  2. Iagree wholeheartedly princetaz at the time all u want is peace for the lil mite ..hindsight is a wonderful thing.....if id have thought......... id never have touched that breeder with a barge pole for starters. I can see why there is a lot of frustration here esp when u trust someone who throws it back in ur face and as a mum when ur kids are devastated it breaks ur heart, and to witness such a needless death of a beautiful bird is such a tragedy i could say worse and believe me i want to but it isnt gonna bring my bird back is it
  3. [sorry, i cant make heads or tails of your post... the first 1/2, i have no clue what your run on sentence mean... second 1/2... are you saying you think i'm the owner of the shop? if so, your incorrect. You should re-read all my posts in this thread] what a patronising tone!
  4. i dont mind admitting it yes i feel guilty ! i feel guilty for lettin my head rule my heart when my child was hysterical at finding our new bird dead ! i buried her as i saw it the decent thing to do. If i hadnt been so naive id have got it post mortemed thats a dead cert . But there u have it we cant all be experts and have the knowledge . I lost money and had abuse the whole episode bought me nearly to a breakdown so i had to move on. But im sad to see its still happening ..2 ppl have contacted me since i had my bird die , so obviously lessons are STILL NOT BEING LEARNED are they. For the birds sakes not the breeders these birds need to be tested before they leave. As id now expect from any bird breeder tbh AND IF ITS A SUBJECT THAT GETS PPL TALKING THEN MAYBE THIS CAN BE AVOIDED IN THE FUTURE DO U NOT THINK ? am sure no-one needs to quote this as im sure ppl can read I may be a low life but im a good pet owner btw
  5. quote..... Can i ask where u are from cos you have just said word for word what the owner said ..un quote maybe someone using another name badddddddd!!!! your not allowed dont u know ! glenyskim was ur bird eating ok out of curiosity?
  6. well speaking from a bad experience... and mentioning NO names all ill say is whats goes around comes around ! Its not a laffin matter when ppl have a bird that dies and loses a lot of money in the process and goes through the heartache of it all
  7. actually i was the other person and i didnt know the other person on the forum but i do know who supplied her with the bird now , thanx to this forum now clearing that up. i use several names on several forums too didnt realise there was a law that same name only to be used at all times .. I am NOT low life and i was askin where she got it as i had a similar experience . but like i said this reply here clears it up for me
  8. hi gemz sad to hear u never got a conclusion but hell we both know the breeder was dodgy anyway too many sick birds for a co-incidence i hope u can move on like i did from this hun take care
  9. a breeder that causes contraversy due to her negative reaction and attitude will only draw attention which it looks like she has ! again!
  10. so sorry to hear this has happened AGAIN and my heart goes out to u on the death of you little baby. as some of u are aware i lost my baby last year and wish i was more knowledgable to have had a post mortem done but let our emotions rule our head.... glad u have had one done this person needs to be stopped! As a customer u pay out hundreds and get a un weaned properly bird some with problems resulting in deaths and then get treated shoddily and left out of pocket with no bird and kids devastated ive been there i know . REST IN PEACE BABYBOO xx
  11. hi.....chilli is losing lots of feathers at the moment and only has 1 red tail feather left which i hasten to add look rather raggetty. im almost sure she isnt plucking , shes just more dustier than usual,irritable and theres more feathers about is she starting to moult? she is just turned a year old now
  12. i got 3 poodles and they just watch chilli ,i notice if chilli gives any of them that evil stare they walk out lol ....wonder whos boss in my house?!
  13. chilli loves pomegranites !!! have to say the wall dont look that good red :roll: lol
  14. was informed today they arent in season till about october onwards by my local market stall holder
  15. thought id try the lychees went to tescos NOTHING!!! grrrrrrrrrrr
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