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  1. Thank you Stormbird, I hadn't seen this post, and I must also have an old number. Will try again tomorrow. thanks.
  2. Hi David, Placed an order on the 7th June, it is still showing as processing. I have tried calling, but don't get through, any thoughts on when my order might be sent. Cheers, Fi
  3. Yeah, I know, but as there are limited numbers, I don't know if I will be able to get extension sections in the future, as my parroty empire grows. I e-mailed them a few days ago for more info, but no reply as yet.
  4. Cligula: Wow, that is a great price... I've just fallen in love with this cage, my only concern is that I might not be able to extend it.
  5. Right, I have found the aviary I want, I am just not sure whether to buy the indoor enclosure that comes with it. Here is the link to it: http://shrunklink.com/?wrd (= ebay item) I am thinking that it would be better if I bought a shed to attach it to rather than the housing it comes with, as that will be warmer in the winter (i think the metal enclosure could get very cold), and it would also be larger, giving them extra space. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks Fi Always happy to shrink long links (MadMudMob)
  6. Thank you all for your help. I shall try all suggestions and search for the best deals. Thanks agian Fi
  7. Cheers MMM, I shall go have a read, I tried doing a search, but got so much info up, I didn't know where to start.
  8. My greys currently have a room to themselves, however, I have a large garden, and would like to put up an aviary, so during the summer they can have a bit more freedom and fresh air. I was just after some advice, all the ones that I can find are wooden, not sure if this is such a good idea, as I think they will probably spend time chewing it apart - or if I put in enough extra toys and branches would I be able to distract their attention away from the wooden construction? But as I say these are the only ones I am coming across online, if metal would be better (it might take a little more saving) does anyone know where I can get one from? Thanks for your help Fi
  9. Best I work out how to do a restore on my mac... Wish I had windows, I know how that works.
  10. not to the same extent, however, your right, since the new firefox, I have been losing wireless connection on a regular basis. I could work out why, I thought it was my provider playing up.
  11. Thanks all for your advice, he gets calcium daily, both in his water and on his food just to make sure... I have changed the perches, and so far so good, he hasn't fallen off for the past few nights, so this is great news.
  12. Prob best to keep it... Not worth the arguments...
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