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  1. Just a quick update, Walter is doing fine, thank goodness. I have cried buckets this last week, but am now so pleased that he is in a good home, being well looked after and with other birds, which is what he would love. I have seen video and photo's of him and I can't tell you all how relieved I am. Thank you all for your thoughts and messages, they really are appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your replies, my telephone number is still the same on the chip details, but I have divorced and moved address. I will contact the chip company tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hi, I am replying to this topic very late I am afraid. I lost touch with June some time ago after giving her my parrot, Walter,an African Grey, to look after as he plucked his feathers really badly whilst with me. Today I googled her trying to find a telephone number to find out how Walter was keeping. I came across this thread and am devastated. I had no idea this had happened and now realise why she did not contact me. Please can anyone tell me whether they know anything about Walter. He was micro-chipped and still registered to me so maybe they RSPCA would have checked this out. The reason he did not return to me was that June told me he had bonded with another bird and that it would be unfair to part them, so I agreed that he stayed with her if this was in his best interst. Oh goodness how I wish I could turn back the clock. I just hope he is ok.
  4. Thank you, I will let his owners know who to contact. Keep looking out for him please everyone.
  5. Lost - African Grey Parrot in Rugeley, Staffordshire area, named Henry. Please contact if you have any sightings. Has been lost for 3 days now.
  6. A belated very, very happy birthday auntie june, lots & lots of love from walter. xxxxx
  7. I have been told several times about a CAG flying around in the Little Haywood area, near Rugeley, in Staffordshire. Quite a few people have tried to catch it, but not been able to. It has been around for several months now. If anyone can suggest how to catch it I can try. I have asked several locals to ring me when they see it, and perhaps I thought I could take Walter along in his carry cage to see it will come down to him. Thanks anyway. By the way, Walter is doing great, thanks to June.
  8. Please can anyone tell me where I can buy Organic, or enviromentally friendly Palm Oil from. I object to the way the orang utans are being murdered or left homeless to provide us humans with palm oil. Thanks so much.
  9. We all recognised steph last year in her cow pants!! Unfortunetly I cant go this year, on holiday in sunny cuba! I am hoping that my son goes for me and buys walter lots of toys. Enjoy your day everyone, meet on the balcony like we did last year, it was a good laugh, especially when Oggie spotted 'Winnie the witch' :wink: :wink:
  10. I have just looked on birdline, and someone from Biddulph in Stoke on Trent, not far, has lost their african grey parrot. I have rang the man and left him a message telling him about our website. His phone number is 01**2 5****1. Lets hope the bird gets home safely.
  11. Thanks, I shall not try it then. I did wonder, but any other advice greatfully received. Thanks again.
  12. Someone this afternoon told me that they were once given the tip that if you rub vaseline into your own hands, then gently wipe your hands down your birds back, this will deter feather plucking. Has anyone heard of this, and is it ok to try? I am not sure and don't want to do any harm to walter. Thanks :?
  13. I went to Stafford show last March and was bitterly disappointed with it. I did go to the organisers and complain that there was nothing there compared with the one they held in October and their reply was that this was the first time they had tried one in March and that it would get better. I had looked all the way round the show in less than half an hour!! Nothing there and I doubt that I will go again in March even if it is on this year. :cry: :cry:
  14. The only thing I can get near him with is kitchen roll which doesn't fall apart when wet. I wrap him up in this, and play the towel game with him. I make sure the paper is really wet, then when we have finished he is quite damp, not as good as a shower, but he is so afraid of water now. Thanks for the suggestions, they really are appreciated.
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