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  1. Thanks, I do that every time. WEDNESBURY, WEST MIDLANDS
  2. Hi, I am going away in September for 2 weeks. My 2 labradors & jack rusell live in a kennel whilst we are away and I need somene to pop round every day to feed/water, clean (lots of poo) & let onto the grass for a run. It will take you around 15 minutes per day and I will £50 per week. The usual family member has let us down at the last minute and the older lab REALY hates boarding kennels. I would obviously need you come round to say hello and check that they like you :-) Please call me 07985 983507 or email serajones3000@yahoo.co.uk
  3. My 2 year old sennie hates me - he has done for the past 6-12 months. He lunges at me as I walk past and if i dare to put my hand it - I usually lose a nail! He loves my husband, but my husband is not an animal lover! He sqwarks all of the time and never wants to come out of his cage. I have considered re-homing but worry that deep down he may still ove me? (when I first had him we used to cuddle, tickle, etc I could even hold him upside down) I am now thinking maybe an aviary? my husband said this would just be making a small problem into a big one? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Any help appreciated- My 2 year old sennie decided he hates me 6 months ago. He went from my cuddly baby to a sqwawking, biting schitsofrenic overnight. I was told it was terrible twos and would pass - it hasn't! I cannot handle him anymore as he really means his bites and i have lost a few nails. Does anyone have any suggestions as I am seriously considering having to re-home him. He allows my husband and my dad to pick him up (sometimes) but seems to hate females. we go away quite often and he has always stayed with my nan, but I can no longer get him into his travelling cage. I have considered an aviary with a friend perhaps, I really do not know what to do. 6/7 days a week I would happily re-home and then from nowhere he goes all nice, letting me tickle and pick him up. Then his eyes change and he either flies off screaming or bites me with all hos force. Please forgive the spelling - I had a late one yesterday!!!
  5. for sale advert removed (MadMudMob) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sorry but you cannot offer items for sale in this section. To place a For Sale ad you will need to join as either a Chatty (entitles you to two ads per year) or Trader (as many as you like per year)
  6. I know I did wrong by yanking my hand away and screaming, but I had a chunk out of my finger and blood! I am really trying to reassure him that I am still his mommy. Will just buy more plasters in the meantime. :roll:
  7. Hi, I was hoping for some advise? My sennie is 13months old. He has always loved me, kisses, cuddles, play dead, etc. The other day I went to get him from his cage and he took a chunk out my finger. I think I scared him by banging the door shut to get him off and he did the same thing again the day after. I left him a few days and let him out of his cage, when I went to pick him up he came to me all nice and then deliberately lunged at me and hung on as hard as he could drawing blood. He has also started to sqwauk continuously and seems to just hate me. Do you think he may be happier with a friend? It's quite upsetting beacuse he used to love me soooo much!!! Any advise helpfull and appreciated. Thanks Sera
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