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  1. Thank you all for my birthday wishes. It has been a great day especially since I have made another one to tally as I wish you all a great day
  2. Just now sorted how to log in. Thank you all for well wishes for my Baby Birds hatch day. And yes my little fellow just turned 12. Most folks say--- yeah right Deb.
  3. Debs I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Stevie Spangle.
  4. My goodness how 11 years fly by Ooops there went the fly by...... Sonny---- and Cher close behind! My little terrors are still being............................ TERROR---ific!!!! Thank you folks for all wishing them a HHD just think only 50 or so more to go. :shock:
  5. Darn I wanted to cast my vote but there was not a "way too long" choice. :wink: :wink: I have had my S&C for almost 7 years.
  6. Just reading this entire thread though I must admit my brain cannot comprehend this rediculous personal attack on June let alone hiding behind the skirts of such false pretenses such as her beloved birds. Seldom am I lack for words but so not to get "bleeped" since that is the only adjectives I can think of at this moment. I only add at this time---- You hang tough June and you go Girl!!!!! The USA bird folks are in support of you and your wonderful bird rescue.
  7. I feel all of these post have great merit. I welcome all constructive information or criticism pertaining to the well being of my birds. I have learned much about parrot welfare from debates on this forum which I have participated. quote from net: (which I totally agree with) "However I'm fairly thick skinned but I won't be 'spoken/typed' to like I'm an idiot because I'm not." It has been quite sometime since that has happened personal to me on this forum. PL is one of the best informative fair minded parrot sites on the "World Wide Web."
  8. My Sonny and Cher which are amazons love their bath but it does have to be a spray bath and noise from my vacuum. I cannot even say out loud "Gosh you guys need a bath" they start flapping wings and run up and down the side of the cage begging for the bath. Just like saying something in front of a child but did not want them to understand I have to spell out b-a-t-h tomorrow. As much as they love it as jebirds stated they do go into melt down at first then gang way such a show
  9. I have thought about posting many times on many different topics but----- Believe I am not thin skinned but someone was always looking to attack and demean. Yes I know this is not the topic to start this discussion which I have no intention of doing.
  10. Such devastation 1,000 deaths--- can only hope that is the minimum number. You think you are having a bad day and "poor me" mine are so trivial compared to those in Japan.
  11. Thank you David I tend to believe the laws are quite related US and UK.
  12. David would this also be true in the USA to be fair you may not know the laws, if different in the US. I have 2 green cheeked amazons which are Cites 1 birds with no papers. Not that I intend on selling them but if such occasion should arise would I need cites 1 papers to do such? "edited for spelling correction"
  13. My little Zebra finch is 11 years old today and I do hope this little dude sets a record in longevity of zebra finch in captivity by continuing to keep on beep beeping, every morning, year after year. Baby Bird thanks you all for the birthday wishes as I do also
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