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  1. Thank you all for your advice and support. I have calmed down now and i think coco has aswell. She hasnt done it since, could be a one off, she looks a little scruffy as down feathers are showing but she isnt pulling them out. Coco seems quite happy and i havent noticed any change in her. I do agree to bath her more she loves the shower and even when she is back in her cage still trys to get in her water bowl. Her eating habbits are fine and her toilets, she seems very healthy.
  2. My grey coco has been with me for over a year, she is a lovely bird and is my baby, she was out with me yesterday as always and i didnt notice anything diffrent. She went to bed a bit later than normal. I cleaned her cage this morning and there was alot of grey feathers on the bottom of the cage, much more than normal. I got her out and looked her over and she looked a bit thin down one side of chest and leg. I thought i would give her a bath as the sun was out and see how she is. Well as you can probably guess i was totally gutted, she really went for it with her feathers. Now she is dry she looks alot better. But thin. Whats happened? Have i done something wrong? Is there anything i can do or get for her? Do i need to take her to the vets? I am really worried about her....
  3. My African grey Coco is two and a half.....She was from lancashire with a male owner.....Now in south east with the londoners... She says.. Hello Goodbye See you later Step up Come on Oi What Bobbie jo Ryan Howard Come on you reds Come on Rovers Cops are coming (And whistles the siren) Hey Want some cheese Apple Orange Water Whats up Ahhhhh Keira stop it Naughty girl What you doing Sings Swany how i love you, how i want you Whistles adams family Hello Baby wolf whistles Bedtime Loads of beeps that i think come from the timer of my cooker.... Mimicks the telephone then says hello.... I have put her on u- tube coughing you can see from my links at the moment she calls everyone a bur but i am not sure what this means!!!
  4. I have two, got my first at 18 of a rose on right arm and then at 26 got another on the lower of my back, this hurt alot but worth it......
  5. No the smell is very minimal, but to the flys it must stink lol This does work, even though you may do so already empty your main bin every day if it has scaps of food inside and also put your fruit in the fridge.
  6. Hi Fratsax I had these a couple of weeks ago and found a none smelly way of attracting these horrid things to a cut bottle with vinegar and a bannana in the bottom, make a cone shape top from paper with a small hole just enoughfor them to get through with having great difficulty of getting out. This worked for me and then am able to throw the whole thing away without using sprays.
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