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  1. if i was closer to you ,i would gladly offer to look after your baby for you,unfortunately i am in the west midlands,i hope you manage to get your baby sorted
  2. it`s a pity i`m not closer to you as i`m in the midlands and have macaw experience having 4 of them here myself,hope you manage to sort something out for your baby
  3. i live in tipton in the west midlands and would be more than happy to help you out ,if you pm me i will send you my number
  4. hi sorry craig if i had been able to get on the forum i would of looked after your baby for you as i am only in tipton
  5. many happy returns of the day from all of us here xxxxxxx
  6. redhot


    it is with deep regret and sorrow that i`m having to post on this section as i lost my beloved african grey minty yesterday after he suffered a stroke and had gone to far,i shall miss him dearly but he wont be far from me as he has his own planter and have planted an azalea bush and hyacinths around him,he will always be apart of me and shall be greatly missed for all his strange little ways.god bless and sleep well my litte man,love you always xxxxx :cry:
  7. hi your alex does very much resemble a ringneck is the person you got her from sure his are alex`s or is he getting them mixed up,either way it doesn`t matter as long as you are happy with the bird and the bird is happy with you.good luck with your baby
  8. i feel for you,there are some nasty people out there laughing and living the good life from others,we almost had the same thing happen to us when we were looking for a b&g but thankfully we did make a few calls before we handed any money over,as it was we were lucky that we didn`t as it was a scam so no money was exchanged but we did inform trading standards who said they would deal with it,they took all the details and phone numbers plus the names we had been given to try and stop them from doing it to anyone else.
  9. wow what wonderful pics you have done yourself proud,your eye for detail is wonderful and any bird owner would be proud also to have such an amazing picture hanging on their wall
  10. hi em i have pm`d you my number as we are not to far from birmingham
  11. welcome amygates and congrates on being the 7000th member =D>
  12. had no problems getting on the site here,lovely pics by the way
  13. hello and welcome hope you find all the information you need and please dont be afraid to ask anyone for help, enjoy
  14. hello and welcome from my lot and myself
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