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  1. Its been over a year. Mummy was cleaning the back bedroom out the other day, and found some of your poop on the wardrobe. Part of me wanted to keep it there. But I cleaned it off and it felt like I was cleaning away the last thing about you. I know this sounds like im talking about a person but I don't care. You feathery creatures were everything to me and not a day goes by where I dont think about you. If anyone is reading this (i dont mind if nobody does because its a message to max lulu and burger really), and they are a bit confused then ill explain in a nutshell. Max and Lulu were my babies for 4 years, they had a chick Burger who lived with them too. Sadly in May 2010 Lulu became egg-bound and died. Devastating. Then around october/november 2010 i developed a lung infection and was told by my doctor my blood contained too many eosinphils (a white blood cell that only shows up when you are allergic to something) . It turned out i was allergic to my birds. I had to give them up. I t was heartbreaking. I gave them up to the wrong person, who has never contacted me with updates or pictures. blah blah. So Max Lulu and Burger. Wherever you are. Mummy loves you and will always love you and i hope you are happy. Thats all I ask xxx
  2. No i dont have my birds back. I did receive a few pictures today of the entire cage and their snuggle hut is still there and so is their toys so i am appreciative of that
  3. 2 pictures, hope they still have their toys as i cant see any from the angle. i notice the wallpaper is the same as your house in photobucket mandi...do you and your daughter have the same wallpaper or are they back with you now? thanks for the pictures, please can y ou send me just one of the whole cage as i could only see the birds themselves.... aww i miss them
  4. I DO APOLOGISE I have just checked my "junk" folder, and there is an email, with pictures of the birds :D:D:D
  5. News - SOD ALL!!! Have tried ringing Mandi, but I can't get through. E-mails still bounce back. Not heard about my little ones in nearly 2 weeks and Im still wondering every second of the day what they are doing and whether they are happy, and whether they are wondering why Mummy has gone Ive been a little on the quiet side about it because I have told myself Im probably never going to hear from them again. I have been trying to get on with life. I thinks Ill always wonder about them for the rest of my life. A lot of you hav suggested taking this to court. I have pondered and ripped my hair out thinking about this. I still havent made a decision. I don't think Im a strong enough person for more added stress. I have to think, their reluctancy to keep my babies must be because they love them so much. That is what is keeping me going. I know some people may have their opinion about me not taking this to court, and i hope no one thinks I have given up in the fight. But for the rest of my life I will try and contact Mandi, and I will NEVER GIVE UP hope that one day, I will hear about them and get updates.
  6. Tell me about it! Hindsight doesn't get me anywhere though. Not the only mistake I've made in my life. At the end on of the day, the issue isn't entirely with Mandi now, the birds are with their daughter who I don't have a clue about. I'm hoping she is nice enough to keep me updated as I'm obviously not getting them back. It seems Mandi doesn't understand why I want them back, so once again I will explain very simply: I want them to be homed with someone who a) will keep me updated on their lives and someone I can trust!! Its been 8 days now, still nothing- no update at all. Although I have no children it feels like I've lost something so precious. I'd be OK if I had updates! Mandi denied all the crap that was found on other forums, I could have trusted her word and if she had kept me updated then things would never haver got so bad!
  7. Ok this is how it is. - I cannot contact Mandi because she has blocked my email address , and my partners email address. This is how this all happened, its pathetic that we cant just talk to each other, I am civil headed. You all know this. I found out on the Friday that i had to rehome my birds due to an allergy, that was not 100 percent, but what the Doctor says, goes sometimes? All weekend I did nothing but cry and cuddle my babies. I had decided that rehoming them was going to have to be the option so by the Monday I had posted on this forum, which is full of people you can trust? So Mandi sends me a PM, we talk all day through text, and on the telephone. If I didnt think I was doing the right thing at the time then I wouldnt have done it. I had made my mind up, Mandi had answered all questions to my satisfaction - one of which asked if my birds would be staying with her forever, her answer was yet, so inevitably my decision was made. They came and picked the birds up, I spent hours writing out all things Max hates and likes and all things Burger hates and likes. Burger has never fully devloped so it was inevitable they had to stay together in which Mandi promised, and I believe she has stuck by her words on this. Then they were gone. Then as Mandi knows, I did research. I found things about Mandi that I did not like, Mandi stated these were all not true. I sent a text message that very night asking if these things were true and she denied them. I didnt sleep a wink that night, and you all have to understand including Mandi that if you had all read what I found you would wantthe birds back right away. I texted Mandi and asked for the birds back. her phone was cut off. I tried endless amounts of times to phone her, but the phone had been blocked and disconnected. I sent emails, but I got no reply. At this point I did not know that there had been a bereavement in the family. However, I had not heard anything for 3 days about the birds. I was beginning to get worried. I could not contact them at all, they did not leave me their address so I could not go and knock at the door. I had one mobile number which was disconnected, and the emails were not being answered. So with the support of everyone on here, I got hold of Mandi's number. I rang, and I cried. and cried. Pleaded and begged that I needed the birds back because of everything I had read I could not settle. She had promised to keep in touch and she hadn't , she knew I was hurting. And as far as I was concerned. IF I DID NOT GET THESE BIRDS BACK I WOULD NEVER EVER GET UPDATES OR PICTURES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!! June then got involved. June was helping me get the birds back so I could rehome them to someone who could keep me updated , its not much to ask, it takes 10 seconds to send a text message. Its been a week now and I have not received one picture or one text messsage, yes there has been a bereavement and my condoloncies about that. But if Mandi can visit this site and PM people, why oh why have I not had an update?? I was promised, my birds would be in Mandi's care FOREVER, and then I was told , on the phone by Steve that they were in their daughters. I dont know anything about their daughter! I had not met, or spoke to her, how do I know the home is suitable?? Within a week they were rehomed by Mandi, to a relative yes, but that is false pretences as I was assured by Mandi they would stay with her forever. Can you not see my point? My BABIES, yes, these are my b*****y babies, not birds, they are family, they are a part of my life and my point is that if they stay with Mandi I will never ever get an update ever! I spoke on the phone with them, I was nice, I am never not nice! They said they would speak to their sister, yes they said sister on the phone, not daughter.. stress maybe? I dont care for the reason, but i spoke to them on the phone and they said they would ask their sister for them back. To which I got a voicemail, WHICH I STILL HAVE saying "jemma this is steve, my daughter is not prepared to hand the birds back,i dont know where you got our number from , or address, we dont need the hassle, do not contact us again" And that was it.... just like that? Just like that never contact them again, Just like that never know how my sweethearts are doing? Bribery? DESPERATION MAYBE! Mandi agreed with June that she would hand the birds back, meet someone on the nearest motorway and they would go into Junes care. So then for my piece of mind, they could be placed in a home where I could get updates and know that they were with people who understood how heartbroken I was to part with these animals. That is the reason I want them back. That brings us to date. I know I will never see them again, but Mandi, if you read this, please look after them, please make sure they have their snuggle hut, please make sure you cover them up with their red blanket every night. Please be patient with them, please give them the love they deserve. That is all I ask of you now.
  8. I wish when I asked if they were going to a forever home I was told the truth. Thats all I want , is the truth. I havent seen any pictures or any updates for a week now. They were in my life for 5 years. At one point, when I had the nervous breakdown they lived in my bedroom and I was with them 24/7 for nearly a year. To go from that, to nothing, is just heartbreaking.
  9. Ill just hold on to the hope that whoever has them, will be kind enough to send pictures every now and then so i can see how my angels are doing x
  10. How can I ever express my sincere gratitude to June and all who have helped. If the person reads this, I want to say thank you for understanding all the reasons why I needed to rehome them again. I am also very sorry to hear about your bereavement and sorry that all this has happened at such an awkward time. I really dont know what more I can say xxxx
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