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  1. princetaz

    Worried where this bird might end up

    The advert is no longer available
  2. princetaz


    If anybody speaks to kerenza can they please tell her I have messaged her, not sure if she still logs in here thank you
  3. princetaz

    Hi everyone - probably my last post

    So very sorry , can relate to everything you have said I had exactly the same thing happen with my boy Harry in July its heartbreaking.
  4. princetaz

    8 - Princetaz

    Thank you x
  5. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts It has been a terrible few days I just can't believe how fast he deteriorated I was just getting over loosing my darling Flossie (ringneck) just 10 weeks ago I can't believe my beautiful Harry followed her, they are now laid to rest side by side in my garden as they lived in the house.
  6. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    My gorgeous boy is a peace now he had a massive tumour on his liver I am so devastated has been the most horrible few days it was so awful to see what he was going through.
  7. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    Been back to the vets tonight really not had a good day been spending it lying on the floor of the cage (Harry that is not me) thought I was going to loose him on a few occasions have had loads of bloods done they did suggest leaving him there but I really didn't want to risk loosing him whilst at the vets would rather him be home with cuddles ,they gave him a dose of collo-cal D as are still considering calcium defficieny as I type he is tucking in to some food.have an appointment now for 12-30 tomorrow so will hopefully have some results then.
  8. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    Gave him a good check over the eye is very swollen so gave him a steroid injection to try and take the swelling down and prescribed baytril twice daily came to the conclusion he has very little sight in the eye ( I know that as I managed to pick him up without getting bitten) he normally fights but obviously couldn't see my hand coming towards him,, his sinuses are clear no mucus or sign of infection.she said he looks an old bird and could be age related unfortunately I can only go back 20 years so really don't know and I think from his background he could have once been an aviary bird as he certainly isn't tame. I have moved him to a slightly smaller cage not as in width but height as I was really worried he was going to hurt himself but saying that he hasn't fallen for the last 2 days he is getting around it fine has found his food and water and seems happy enough in himself
  9. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    Hi Pauline I have a timneh been with me about 8 years about 7 years ago he had an infected eye which the vet treated can't remember with what (age lol) anyway the eye retracted back into its head and disappeared , he also suffered with fits due to lack of calcium but that has all been kept well under control he has managed perfectly well with one eye all these years. For the past week he has been falling of his perch letting out a loud screech sometimes landing on his back he rights his self and will climb back up the cage to his perch , he has been perching very low head down and bum up in the air he will dose off then seem to loose his balance I have been putting calcivet in his water and nutrobol on his food on closer inspection yesterday his remaining eye is very swollen almost like popping out and looks glassy, if he can't see could this be the cause of poor balance? I have an appointment at the vet for 10-20 in the morning but I have a strong suspicion that he cannot see out if it or if so very little.
  10. princetaz

    Blind Parrot

    Does anybody have any experience with a parrot that has gone blind that could share some helpful information .
  11. princetaz

    Advise wanted (Smudger)

    little als mam on here was in this position and has housed her parrots in aviaries in the garden I am sure when she sees this she will be able to give you some advice
  12. princetaz

    parrot holiday care?

    Haven't had a holiday for a few years but am really lucky that either my children if not away with them will look after them or have a very good bird loving relative who is always willing to look after my babies.
  13. I've also, this afternoon been told that I'm wasting time and money trying to take any legal action, once again it's down to ownership, the outcome is basically possession is 9 tenths of the law. Am I being toatally dull here but if Lea has proof of ownership of Mollie does she not have the right to answers Sorry the top part should have come up as quote
  14. Sonic thank you for clarifying about Steves birds and I truly hope all the others are safe and Lea gets the answers she deserves
  15. I don't suppose anybody knows whether Steves (abez) birds were amongst those seized