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  1. yep done it now should be able to see my mob now :-)
  2. where do I find the mark public box ( sorry bout this I'm blonde ) lol oh and do you have any info on the person who is wanting a home for the patagoninan conure? if its a forever home there looking for I would love to take hime have 3 decent cages and 2 flights in my shed doin nothing you hoping to get some senis for my birthday of old man lol
  3. thanks for the advise MOB did know how to do it but it was lost somewhere in the back of my brain cant think with birds carrying on behind me lol just adopted a cockatiel from a lady off here for my mum he;s coming next week to stay with her for keeps ladies profile is Mabledog
  4. Hi MMM I've not been on here too often puter died but got a new one now just read your post about the cag scam I've had E-mails about it one form some one called Kim who has put an add up on parrot link add I've posted a warning on there myself to people about it speak to you again take care, Linda. http://s73.photobucket.com/albums/i212/hollietot
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