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  1. Although i am not a new member i have been AWOL for sometime. I am back now and look forward to catching up with old friends and getting to know new members.
  2. He is amazing. He was recommended to me by the bird of prey foundation who use him and they highly recommended him too. He amputated a Jackdaws wing for me recently and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended. Its over an hour away from me, but i wouldn't go anywhere else locally.
  3. Minty is home............I got back about 15 minutes ago to see him sat on the roof of the house right over the aviary. I ran in and took a stand out in the garden and he flew right down and landed on the stand, then he gave me loads of kisses, stepped on to my hand and i put him back in. He is eating and drinking right now. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chuffed.
  4. Thank you and kisses to Clayton and Grumpy....I miss them.....
  5. Thank you hun........ i have searched the whole village with a team of neighbourhood kids and there is no sign of him anywhere, i think he has flown further a field. Soooooooooooo worried for him.
  6. If she is already tame and friendly then providing she has lots of human contact there is no reason she should change, but your long hours away from home would not be fair on her or any other parrot. Female Ekkies are very independent and don't really hang out with other parrots much, so in her case having another parrot in a separate cage would not benefit her much.
  7. Mmmmmm.....looks like an adult male to me, deffo not 6 months old. Why so cheap??
  8. Sylvester has been just fine, his naughty self....lol.....The only thing i will say he deffo knows i saved his life as he is very generous with his kisses the last couple of days. He is showing he really appreciates my help.
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