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  1. (':lol:') hows that madmudmob i,am really getting the hang of it now thanks ann (':lol:')
  2. hi madmudmob, jumped the gun saying i,am getting good,how do put smileys on my messages. I think i need your help again.please thanks ann
  3. HI madmudmob looks like i,am getting too good for this site ha ha
  4. hi stephie i managed to do avatar i just followed what you said on one of your messages i used photo express to make pic smaller THANKS
  5. OK stephie thanks if i get home early i will log on THANKS
  6. hi madmudmob trying to put picture under my name can you help again THANKS
  7. THANKS madmudmob for your help just got that one thing wrong a can start uploading my pic now .thanks again
  8. HI CAN YOU HELP. IV,E SET UP MY PHOTOBUCKET TRIED THIS. Two tips that seem to be missed by a lot of folks: 1/. Don't forget to click the MAKE PUBLIC box or no-one else will be able to see your pics. 2/. If you go into your profile and add the pic link under the section called SIGNATURE, it will appear under every post you make for all to enjoy. Look forward to seeing your photos Here's a step-by-step to adding your link to your signature: Once you have the photobucket set up: Click on Profile at the top of any forum page Find the section called Signature Copy or cut'n'paste the photobucket link in that space Always attach my signature: Yes Scroll down and click on Submit STILL CAN NOT SEE MY BUCKET WHEN POSTING. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP BEEN TRYING ALL DAY THANKS
  9. just like to say thanks to the ones with helpfull info
  10. hi could any one please tell me if to put toys in a breeding cage for african greys. the cage size is three foot by three foot and what lighting to use they are house in my garage thanks
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