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  1. I have just been reading through this thread again today and once again the forum members support has helped me through the past few days and for this I thank you all. I have spoken to many of you and this has also been a great help and release. As some of you maybe aware I have not had the support of some members to the point, when an short time after Phoebe passing away I logged onto the forum to open a very nasty pm from one member. At this point I am taking a break from here and may well comeback at some point in the future and start posting again when the dust has settled. I am not weak, but recent events (nasty pm's) have left me feeling uneasy about posting on this forum. I am not going to thrash this out, but take a break with my head held high, as for me this is not what Parrotlink is about. I believe 100% in everything I did for Phoebe until the point where she died peacefully im mine and my husbands hands.
  2. Thanks again for everyones nice words. Phoebe was cremated this morning and I now have her ashes back home with me now. I just wanted to give you people the details of where I took Phoebe incase they can be of help to you. Harry Hawkins Domestic Pet and Equine Cremation Service Chates Farm Cowfold West Sussex RH13 8DU 01403 864361 They offer single cremation services. There are various caskets to choose from.
  3. Firstly thanks you all for your kind words of support, they really do help. Phoebe will be cremated tomorrow at 9 o clock in a single cremation. I can collect her at 3 and she will be home once again, where she belongs. I have asked for pink or lilac silk flowers for the top of her casket. The flowers are lovely real miniture versions. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.
  4. Hi everyone, after much thinking today I have decided I am going to be leaving this forum. I have meet and spoken to many lovely people and for that I thank you all. I have tried to support those of you through your times of sickness and grief and many of you are doing that for me. Through this very stressful and emotional time I have felt I have had to stay away from the forum, for not being sure what I am going to read. This is an open forum and everyones views are different. I want to let everyone know I love all my birds dearly and decisions do not come without much thought especially as regards Phoebe through learning by mistakes with Chloe. I am not a bad mummy and have had a very though 3 and 1/2 months with Phoebe. She spent 10 days in hospital over Christmas and I have been caring for her since then. Please, please accept my decision to leave. I don't feel I can be around here anymore. All of you who have responded to this thread have your reasons and this I accept. Most of you are more knowlegable than me and have a right to do that. I will be looking at my pm's, but I shall no longer be posting.
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for your kind words. I know everyone is here with advise and I expect those of you with advise are right. I am going to have a break from the forum for a short time and work through this and follow my heart. I am right or and I wrong, who knows. My Chloe was treated by an leading avian vet and still died and mistakes were made with her. I will be back soon. I need to work through these coming days with my husband. For now Phoebe is comfortable, calm and peaceful.
  6. I have not posted on here since yesterday. This is a very difficult time for me. I am the one living and caring for Phoebe and making her comfortable. Peoples advise is not landing on deaf ears. I need support not comments and Jane I have listened to you before, but I know what I am seeing in Phoebe. I have supported many members on the forum through their problems and I do appricate peoples kind words. I am finding all this very hard, and maybe this is my time to leave the forum and cope with this in my own way.
  7. Thanks for your advise and support Parrotlady and Kleopatra. Pheobe has not been well since the begining of December. I have not posted on here about Phoebe recently, but trust me there have been many ups and downs and (the boy that cried wolf comes to mind). Even now she has perked up very slightly so am now think no one will believe what I am saying on here. This morning at about 9 her breathing was so shallow I thought she was going to go then. I feel now I have to let her go. To see her she looks so tired. The poor little love has been weak for 3 and 1/2 months now I feel it is only fair to let her go. It could be today it maybe in a couple of days I don't know. All I am doing is eeeping her clam, warm and confortable. Thanks again everyone for your kind thoughts. x
  8. Thanks for your kind words. I have had her cupped in my hands fir the last hour. I can only describe her condition as tired. Hubby and I are with her today. At times her breathing is very shallow. Its only a matter of time.
  9. Abez. You are right to say this. I have been hoping for her to let go of her life down here but she is a little fighter. I know she loves me and my husband lots and she has had a wonderful life with us. But the fact is I can see I am losing her but she won't give up. If she goes to Rainbow Bridge she will be free is weaknesses and will fly free with Chloe and all our other feathered babies. :cry: :cry:
  10. It is so painful for me and hubby, watching her get weak. We have thought about having her put to sleep, but her body is tired and she won't let go. With Chloe she could not breath and was in distress, for Phoebe its different. I already spoke to the vet about 6 weeks ago about their procedures. If they come to the home they would inject into her liver, but Phoebe would scream as they held her so that is a no no. If we go to the vets they will put her in a cube as give her some gas or something and then inject her. This is so hard. I wish she would go to sleep. Please can you all pray for this to happen. Having had Chloe put to sleep this is breaking my heart. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. I have not been around on the forum much over the weekend as Phoebe has taken a bad turn. I know I have said this before but I think her body has had enough of fighting her weaknesses. I don't think she is in any pain but is so tired and weak. She started sitting on the bottom of her cage yesterday and this morning she was there first thing. She has moved up to a low perch now but is not balancing confidently. I know the signs and I am losing her by the day. It is so painful for me watching her get weaker. I just want her to go to sleep, and fly free with Chloe. I will let you all know if there are any developments. The thing is this little bird has been such a fighter and is not quick to want to leave her mummy and daddy.
  12. Hi Debs. I am keeping everything crossed it is not PBFD. You are in my thoughts at this worrying time and you know I am at the end of the phone should you need to talk to someone. Give all the gang a big cuddle from me, and a big cyber hug coming your way for you. x
  13. Hi Debs. I don't know much about PBFD. Again as Lesley says, you know I am a phonecall away.
  14. Oh Elle you must be so excited. Can't wait for some pictures. I am sure you will keep us updated on how he settles in. :wink:
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