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  1. I tried ringing one of the strange phone numbers on here and got through to a rather lovely young lady called Madame camille who offered to do some very strange things to me with a goldfish bowl (with fish still in it no less) and a feather duster. I really think that the phone numbers here should be vetted a bit more thoroughly by the mods prior to posting. Anyone know how to remove a feather duster from.......no I didn't think so My number is 18507 Ignore the strange voice it's the mask that does it and really doesn't have any bearing on my personality which is dictated by my moon which was waning gibbous and that, I believe explains it all. Apparently today was not my lucky day which doesn't surprise me in the least because it will be very embarrasing presenting myself at the hospital with a feather duster stuck......anywho I'm a melancholy weeping willow and was not one of the 83,723 people that passed on in Australia the year I was born. By the Way Start panicking There's only 233 days till xmas.
  2. Just to show my age and the fact that I am a massive fan of the moody blues Moody Blues singer and songwriter, hits include Blue Guitar (beautiful track see here) also look for Driftwood.
  3. New topic because it's not a good time to be flippant about updating updates. Sharron has recovered quite well physically although she cannot stand unaided she is now able to hold herself upright in a chair. She now has progressive MS which, along with the seizures has caused a lot of damage to her brain which means that her thought processess and mental capacity is severely impaired with little hope of much more recovery than we have seen up to now. She rarely recognises people that go in to see her, including family and, now and again even me and Alex. She cannot recall anyone visiting her more than an hour after they have gone and often tells her mother that, despite my visiting 3 and sometimes 4 times a day I hadn't been there at all that day. After having made the decision that, should she have another seizure that stopped her heart or breathing then she would not be resussitated, I have now had to make the decision to have her placed in permanent care. Having weighed up the pro's and cons, the possibles and impossibles and the effects it could have on the rest of the family bearing in mind the possibility that I could still be admitted to hospital again with my recurring problem. I have realised that I cannot commit to caring for her 24/7 at home. I would be tied to the house not able to go anywhere without arranging for a care worker to be there. I asked myself, If it was me would I want that for sharron and Alex and the honest answer is no. Her family have indicated that they agree with my decision and I have done the right thing, not so sure myself but thats normal I have been told! I'm quite relaxed and calm about it now that the decision has been made Thats it for now Thank you all once again for your kind thoughts. It has been a great comfort coming back and reading them all agin over the past week Back soon.
  4. Jumping from a perfectly servicable aircraft strapped to some bloke and hopefully floating gently to earth under a big silk hanky is not my cup of tea but... :? Whatever floats your boat. There is a spare bed next to Sharron at the moment. Shall I have a word with the nice nurses? Have a wondrful time I hear it's a fantastic experience. Donation done regards Jim
  5. Update Weds Not a great deal happening, Good news is that she's off the ventilator and is no longer sedated. Lazy moo still won't wake up though. Yawns a lot, snores and fidgits, Quite normal actually! Still no news on probable cause. Not meningitis or epilepsy. slim possibility that it was a stroke, possible infection. Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow. Thank you again to everyone who has sent messages. I love you all. Update Thursday The healing thoughts are working She woke up and knew my name, then she told me to shut up and went back to sleep! Just as well there's nurses there or I'd think she was acting normally! But really good news it is! whoop whoop
  6. 4 un neutered cats next door, not including the hundred toms that hang around so not many birds about in my garden. Little ba......creatures got the Robin last year and the magpies that come for a drink in the pond are being watched closely.
  7. Hope your eye is getting better, I haven't had a chance to read the whole thread yet
  8. That will be interesting... She hates being sprayed, screams at the top of her lungs while being sprayed, anyone would think I was trying to drown her.... and then she sulks for the rest of the day!
  9. Weston got hot one day and it melted the pier! such an amazing phenomenon that it got world press. Alex went down and did flips off the seafront wall in front of the TV camera's now we got a big wheel, like a mini millenium wheel thing and thats it.
  10. I tried Australia on the basis that my sister has Aus citizenship but they wouldn't let me in, I didn't have the required criminal record! so you're stuck with me
  11. Haven't forgotten you all. I've just been up to my ears in life and the trials and tribulations it chucks at you. (':- Quick resume. Sharron had a bad relapse last year. I'm glad we managed to get a good holiday before it happened. She's pretty much wheelchair bound now, she has a walker frame but she can't get her head round using it. She gets very confused about the simplest things, her eyesight has been badly affected and she's been signed up as partialy sighted. I actually had to go out and buy a huge, 37 inch flat screen lcd tv because she couldn't see the 28" widescreen we already had, the sacrifices I have to make! :-({|= soc. services are going to convert bits of the house so we can carry on living here, they are going to put a through the floor lift in so she can get upstairs, knock down a few walls to make the bedroom big enough to accomodate the lift and change the bath to a level access shower. Sharron will be going to respite care for the 2 weeks that it will take to convert it all giving Alex and I the chance to get a break and take a holiday abroad. 'm pretty much all better now, haven't been back to hospital for at least 6 months but it looks like I will have to rehome Scally cag. one of my lungs was damaged by the pneumonia and the fine feathers and dust is affecting my breathing. Does every Cag have that fine, white powdery dust in the feathers or is it just me? So thats it I think. Sharron fulfilled one of her lifelong ambitions and went for a ride in a Ferrari a few weeks ago, just the Harley Davidson ride needed now. I'm going back to school to take a personal trainers course, Alex still kicks boxes and flips himself about at freerunning. he got a second at the British Kickboxing championships. I hope that I find everyone in good health and I peromise faithfully to spend more time here amongst my friends in future.
  12. So there I was, having a lie in listening to Scally Cag meeowing like a cat making Krikit the dopie dobie howl like a banshee and Arnie the Jack yap like a yorkie on steroids and still only 7.30am! Got up, fed Scally her breakfast (a crunchy nut cornflake followed by a peanut)kicked the dogs out into the rain to do perform their ablutions, this enabled me to sit and have my breakfast of crunchy nuts. Fed the dogs, filled Scallys food bowls, changed the water made a cup of tea and then ............. Opened my cards and pressies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Made It! I reached half a hundred I'm a Half centinian or centurion or whatever Who'd have thought it?
  13. Hello all we're back from really hot n sunny Crete having had a really relaxing holiday in the hot sun. I am given to understand that it was raining a bit here while we were away relaxing in the hot sun but never mind at least it was hot and sunny where we were and we were actually thinking of you while we rolled around laughng in the hot sun while we listened to the weather reports that said it was raining here while we sat by the pool in the hot sun. Did I mention that it was really sunny? Anyway enough of the sunny weather, we had a really nice break, Sharron even sat in the window seat of the plane !!!!!! Saw old friends, discovered that one has a cousin who has built a hotel and that next time we go we only need to pay for flights, hotel will be free and they have a bmw 530 which we can borrow instead of getting a hire car! Warning to any one travelling abroad........by plane Check your luggage weight allowances very carefully. We came back with 4 litres of wine, 2 of olive oil and 2 of home made raki and we were charged £60 for 10 kilo's of excess weight. But I'm puzzled. I weigh 87 kilo's and my luggage allowance was 15 making a total of 102kg add 10 to make it 112kg and I get charged £60 excess In the queue next to me was a family of.....large framed people, the man must have been in the region of 130kg, add luggage and you have 145kg.....but no excess charge! Now I have nothing against the larger frame but next time I'm going to put on 30 kgs just to get my moneys worth! Lesson learned? Next time I'm going to tie the bottles round my waist, or better still drink it all before I check in I knew I should have dumped Sharrons 19 tops and just given her a tesco's carrier and a bikini photo's going on photobucket glad to be back Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of a very rich, dark sun tan? [/img]
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