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  1. Sorry I cannot help at all with this as I am south norfolk/suffolk border, but must just say Mark that those sun conures are still living happily here with us. I try to keep every one that comes back because of changes in owners situation as I try to feel what the bird feels. i.e. too many home chnages leave a bird rather unnerved. If they come back to me they remember their upbringing here (some I pay for, some not) & they are welcomed into our large flock.
  2. Hi Keedo Lovely to hear news of my little Banzai I feel pretty sure yours is a boy, & I do agree with the under-tail coverts colouring BUT they must be mature to get it accurate (as you said). It is senegal breeding season again now, remember waiting this time last year :?: Give your little boy a kiss from his human Mum Mue
  3. Hi Lyn I was wondering the other day if you had managed to track down Mango, obviously not; having read this topic. I'm so sorry she is still missing. The ring on her leg is aluminium so can be cut off quite easily if someone had the inclination to keep her, sorry to say that nowadays there are people who would. How is little Peaches now? has he adjusted to being on his own? I still hope you manage to find Mango, if anyone ever contacts me regarding found birds wearing our rings I do get in touch with owners, so you never know......... Best wishes Mue
  4. Keedo, glad you got Banzai's ring sorted. Hope the little fellow is well otherwise! I have had one or two others tell me of problems with the rings on their senegal, one man didn't notice what had happened and his bird had to have his leg amputated. As you know, we prefer to ring our birds for identity and this has been very helpful in the past in returning the bird to it's correct owner. However because of these instances I intend to order ss rings for poicephalus for next season, as I already get these for greys & amazons. Give the boy a sloppy kiss from his ex-mum! Mue
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