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  1. suebarrass

    Seasonal Greetings

    And happy New year to you all xx
  2. suebarrass

    Barney my baby

    On the 14th August I had to make the hardest decision of my life and say goodbye to my companion and best friend for 17 years Barney, he was a whippet cross and the love of my life. Still miss him everyday and Charlie bless him doesn't help when he keeps calling him Run free little one x
  3. suebarrass


    I lost my kakariki Freddie on monday, he died of old age I think, he was 18 years old. Fly free little one xx
  4. suebarrass

    purpose of Forum

    Well I for one am so pleased the forum is back and I am sure that I am not alone xx
  5. Fantastic to see this forum back, missed it so much x
  6. suebarrass

    Olly Coptor, RIP

    Oh no how sad, but he had the best owner in you hun Fly free little olly coptor xx
  7. suebarrass

    smoked almonds

    Can parrots eat them? My silly eyes ordered the wrong ones
  8. I find coming on here so sad, we had a caring and sharing community. Good friends, occasional 'debates' lol but always a shoulder to lean on or a shoulder to offer. I miss you all x
  9. suebarrass

    RIP Robin Williams

    Very sad, gone way to soon
  10. suebarrass


    Many of you know my health problems and the ,loss of approximately 85% of my sight, I have made the very hard decision to rehome Chi. It is better for him, he was not getting enough time out and not enough attention. He has joined Lorna Cherry and her flock, he has settled well and seems much happier. I wish to thank Lorna for taking him to live with her, it was a tough decision but the right one for all Be happy little man
  11. suebarrass


    He is a great regurgitater lol x
  12. suebarrass

    1st Ollie Malone (Fuzz)

    Happy hatchday Ollie x
  13. suebarrass


    I searched a long time to find the perfect home,I am so pleased that the perfect home came along. Lorna is s lovely lady and Chi seems to have fit right in xx
  14. I have been there too and I agree with Net, find them a nice home
  15. suebarrass


    It was 7 years yesterday since I lost Jack I think of him everyday and still shed many a tear. You are still loved and missed my baby
  16. suebarrass

    Target practice ;-)

    Ha ha bless
  17. Is this the one found in cannock?
  18. suebarrass

    Happy birthday pottys mum!

    Belated birthday wishes xx
  19. suebarrass

    RIP Benji (African grey)

    Fly free Benji
  20. suebarrass

    Just brought home parrot, small issue!

    I have a naughty red towel, as soon as it is seen mine go straight in. I have actually never had to use it
  21. suebarrass

    hi everyone (Tony-h)

    Sounds like my house lol, I have a cag called Charlie, a caique called Chi, a kakarikki calls Freddie, a staff and a whippet