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  1. If it's any consolation my 2 seem to go off certain food for a while, the typical being Melon, at the moment they are back into it but haven't bothered with it for months and it used to be their favourite. Their food of choice at the moment is Scrambled egg with the shell left in and grated cheese on it when it's just warm enough to make the cheese melt. I give them this once a week and have no trouble whatsoever getting them back into the cage lol
  2. I find if you put the toys the birds like on the playstand they tend not to chew the wood and the wood is fairly hard so mine is still in good condition and they haven't bothered chewing it. Anton will also supply replacement bits should they chew the wood.
  3. This is one Anton made me, it is now nearly a year old and my birdies love it. It's slightly different from his displayed ones as I wanted the rope net and the spiral rope. It's definately one of the best things I have bought for my birds.
  4. I give them palm nuts also Stormy, I stocked up big time last time I ran out lol. The extract is mixed in with their cereal or given on toast 2 or 3 times a week. Do you think this could be too much? I would hate to over do it. I give them 2 Palm nuts 2 or 3 times a week also, usually in an evening.
  5. I wouldn't mind but 6 pounds seems really expensive in comparison, my 2 go mad for it, so much so they almost dive into the jar, Milo had a stained head for days through ducking into the jar so deep lol I mix it in with cereal or even on toast they really do love it, so much so they will eat it off a fork straight from the jar. I have a pair of Palm Fruit addicts.
  6. Hi Parroty people My 2 CAGs love Palm Fruit extract and I am about to but some more but after reading it is available for pence as opposed to £6 per jar I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to send me some if I sent the money to them in advance. I have searched our local ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys and most other supermarkets in and around the Hull area to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated. Rob
  7. I always use my Homer Simpson voice when I get the Lychees out, the kids think I'm crazy saying "Oooooo Lie-Cheeese" Yum Yum The birds love it though lol Asda (well mine) do them in a tin Jem, Sainsburys do them fresh.
  8. Hi Parroty peeps. I am just in the process of having a conservatory built and will be housing the parrots in it. I was wondering what other people who house their birds in the Conservatory use to cool the room down. Should I use an Evaporotive Air cooler as opposed to an air conditioning unit as the evaporative one will leave moisture in the air whereas the air conditioner will remove moisture. Will leaving the windows and using a fan work in the summer? I want to get it right so the birds are comfortable and content. My conservatory is North facing so it won't be as hot as a South facing one. Any advice would be appreciated whether you have a conservatory or just basically have a suggestion. Many thanks Rob
  9. Ugli fruit is a glorified juicy over-priced Orange in my opinion. My 2 CAGs ate it off their kabob but it was overpriced at 99p from Sainsburys. Try the frsh Lychees from Sainsburys, my 2 love them and the Papaya is a favourite too.
  10. Glad you got to him in time. and thanks for bringing this to my attention, I cover my birds with a massive curtain and will spend this evening removing the top band which is made to attach the curtain hooks to.
  11. Milo and Porsche like their toys with the exception of mirrors for some reason. Milo is quite nervous initially but Porsche usually reassures him they are ok. The same happens with food they have't had before, initially they are a little apprehensive but they soon get to grips with the food/toy. I think the thing is to introduce a couple of new toys when you do a cage clean and not too many at once as this makes their home a little unfamiliar. All birds as we know are different and I think Milo would be really against toy changes if wasn't for Porsche being so adventurous. That's my thoughts anyway
  12. Wendy So sorry to hear of your sad news. Bella was a real credit to you in the progress you made, it was very obvious she was such a character and such a happy bird. I will really miss the photo's of her progress. God bless you. Gordon and the rest of the family. Rob
  13. Well after looking at houses for a week and a half solid I think we have finaly found the one we want. I wouldn't advise house buying, it's driven me and the wife round the bend with one thing and another and finding the right one is so difficult as you always see a problem with one yet see a lot of things you like with it also. One concern of course was where the cage will go and this to me was very important so the birds could get the attention they are used to. This is the one we are getting, all being well, it's a new build and will be ready in a few weeks. We will also be getting a conservatory built as we've saved a little money. So here's hoping.....
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions. We looked at a different house last night and I absolutely love it, however the missus isn't over keen because it's in the sticks. I'm currently trying to talk her round to the idea. The dining area is huge and it looks out over fields. I can feel a divorce coming on lol this is the plan.
  15. We will use the dining room daily Stormy, for our evening meal but that only lasts at the most an hour. We also have family round on weekends and use 6 seats sometimes so we do need the bigger table. I am leaning towards putting my puter in there and using the bedroom I was going to use as an office for a dressing room for the Wife, I'm sure she'll agree lol
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